Taking Hot Wheels off some sweet jumps.


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    1. Do that, and let’s see how far we can launch the fastest Hot Wheels car, the FTE Acura HSC Concept, from a near-vertical drop in a skyscraper. No external launcher or speed-up tool, just gravity.

  1. Is it really success if the car is not on its wheels at the end of the ramp? Looked like it had flipped on its roof and for all the Hollywood styled jump we were expecting could have just been as easily thrown by an accurate toddler.
    The ramp entry was too extreme. And I expect by the time you got to the BMW, the sun had sufficiently warmed the track up to be more maleable. Reference the Mythbusters film on *can a hotwheel beat a real car in a down hill gravity race* this happened in Lake Tahoe. A mile of special track was rolled out for the test. By mid day it had warped sending cars flying after a few hundred feet.
    Just a thought.

  2. When my kids were young, we set up a similar track off our deck railing and inserted the little blue wading pool for the cars to jump. They still talk about it almost 20 years later.

  3. Yeah. 30 years ago I played similar, trying to build as high ramp as possible. Today I have got degree from physics and thinking that building a ramp would weird. At least I know a lot of magical letters and truly, this is the first time when I was able to use them in practice.

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