The next Hot Wheels Gran Turismo set is now available at Wheel Collectors

This one is better than last year.

The next Hot Wheels Gran Turismo set has been released, and Wheel Collectors has it.  You can buy the set now:

Hot Wheels 2018 Gran Turismo at Wheel Collectors

As far as where we will see this one in stores, I am not entirely sure, but I would assume the same places as last year.  Or you can make it super easy and grab a set now.  Last year’s set was nice, but this one is a major step up.  Do you agree?

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5 Replies to “The next Hot Wheels Gran Turismo set is now available at Wheel Collectors”

  1. Not a dud in the bunch…I’ll be grabbing all of them, if the diecast gods smile upon me and let me snag them in stores. Why don’t we know where these will be at this stage? I would assume Walmart only.

    The McLaren looks like the pick of the bunch

  2. The Skyline is definitely the highlight, finally an actual replica of a car from the game, an icon of the series at that. Abandon all hope of ever finding one on the pegs, this one’s bound to get scalped. The McLaren in Orange is a close second, everything else is forgettable and uninspired, safe for maybe the safety car BMW.

  3. I got these a while ago. The choice of cars is fantastic, but aside from the McLaren and the Ford, the paint is absolutely atrocious.
    None have detailed backs, only a couple have detailed fronts; the lack of detail is especially jarring on the Lancer, which is a bigger car. The quality control on the Nissan and BMW are especially bad and the paint is incredibly messy on both. The Renault was fairly redundant as there is already a grey R.S. 01; dunno why they didn’t go with a different color here, and why they still couldn’t be bothered to make it more detailed than the standard mainline. Overall highly disappointed with the set, though the F1 and GT LM are fantastic as always. I’d recommend just picking those ones up unless you’re a completionist. Looking back on the 2016 Gran Turismo set, it’s obvious that Mattel is really cutting corners here.

  4. I don’t recall exactly what year it was when the last set (R32 Skyline, XJ220, Ford GT, Huayra, Viper, One-77, Gallardo, Aventador) was on the pegs, but an online search is saying 2016. Was there another set I am forgetting that hit last year? Also, my first assumption was that this 2018 set would go to Walmart, but now that I think about it, I had to go to Walgreens to find the above mentioned set.

    Love the McLaren F1 and BMW Safety Car! The Skyline looks nice as well. The Ford GT is nice enough, but I have so many! The Mitsubishi Evo is OK. The casting is just far to big and chunky, but this deco may be the nicest in some time, i.e. relatively clean and I don’t have many of these, so I may pick this one up. I do like the Renault R.S. 01 casting and the gray with red looks nice, but I hope the topside graphics spice things up a little. The same goes for the Megane. I don’t think I have this casting in my collection, so I will definitely be picking this one up, but from the side it is looking a bit dull. It’s strange that I am saying that, because I generally prefer a clean deco. But this is Gran Turismo after all, so I kind of expect racing graphics on these. But hey, if it’s clean, I can just pull it out of this group and display it with street cars. The Corvette is doing nothing for me.

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