Here are some of the models coming in Matchbox 2018 Mix J, including the NASA Rover and BMW i8

The Matchbox New Models continue to move towards the pegs.  We have seen quite a few, including new tools in Jurassic World, but there are many more to come.  And yes, the opening-parts models are coming too.

There are two, among others, that are coming in the J Mix, due this summer.  One is one to the most anticipated – the BMW i8 – and the other one of the most unique – the NASA Rover.

The Matchbox Team sent over some of the models from Mix J for me to preview for you.  Enjoy:

4 Replies to “Here are some of the models coming in Matchbox 2018 Mix J, including the NASA Rover and BMW i8”

  1. Very cool. Last year I had the hardest time finding the tree lugger and finally found it at a dollar tree. I for whatever reason really like the unlicensed stuff as well as the licensed. So the tree lugger and the ice cream truck I thought were really cool. I can take it or leave the swat truck. Nasa rover will be super cool and the I8. I’m glad you addressed the top window being possible colored dark bc it did look a bit off with a clear top. As excited I was about the merc 6×6 when it first came out it has fleeted for some reason. I know it is not done and it has to go through a bunch of red tape and approval process but I would like to see that car in a rally type deco.

  2. I would’ve liked to see smoked wheels on the i8 instead of white, but regardless, that’s the one I’m most excited for. All of the featured models actually look great though, so now it’s just a matter of finding them

    1. Would it relieve you to know the wheels shown on the i8 are silver not white? While I do agree smoked wheels would look nice on this, I am seeing that most of the OEM wheels on this model are silver. Maybe we’ll get a later release from Matchbox in white with black wheels.

  3. I love the i8. It’s too bad they couldn’t resolve the issues with hitting the tail lights with a tampo. Also, fingers crossed they paint the roof black or at least use a darker tinted window piece.

    The N.A.S.A Rover is intriguing and I may have to pick that one up as well. The convertible Camaro is nice enough, but I think I’m good with my Hot Wheels models on that one. The others I’ll pass on.

    Oh wait! I might need that flat bed hauler as well.

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