Case Report: 2018 Hot Wheels K Case

And on to the K Case we go.

Wheel Collectors just unloaded a large pallet from Mattel that included not only the new Gran Turismo and Entertainment sets, but the basic K Case as well.  You can see it all – and buy what you want – at Wheel Collectors:

Hot Wheels at Wheel Collectors

The last few basic cases have been nice, and this one follows that trend.  As always, WC picked a case off the pallet at random and opened it up, 3-by-3.  Have a look:

No Super in this case, but they did pull one from another case.  The Regular TH was there though.  You let me know what other models you consider highlights as well.

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  1. The two Lambos for me.
    I’d like to see a blue version of the Aventador Homage to go with the great Matchbox Miura.

  2. The Lambo Countach Pace car…we need a spotlight on that one…makes the 400s look like a toy! That and the Muira tribute Aventador. You could spotlight both in one film….but I need to know more about the Countach!

  3. So many duplication, there are a couple i will pick up. However I will leave more than I buy. Again I am so sick of the repeats, the kiddie cars. There are more peg warmers in this case. Still see mostly peg warmers at the stores, so many that it’s impossible to even look through the pegs. Really enjoying the MBX over the HWs these days. Still hard to find some models but I’m thinking more and more that’s a marketing gimmick. That said much easier to go through the pegs.

  4. The Countach is a stunner, but I wish they’d done a stock version instead of a pace car. Speaking of Lamborghinis, I think I prefer the regular Aventador over the Super…those wheels don’t work on that car. Otherwise it’s a pretty nice case, though I haven’t seen the J case in stores yet, so I”m not sure how far off this one will be.

  5. I don’t mind the re colors and like most people have said the Lambos are great. as Hot Wheels isn’t putting out any Ferrari currently I’ve taken to going after Lamborghini in a major way. I just hope I start to see better availability in my area, I’ve never seen the picking so slim and that due in a big way to Toys R Us going out of business and the other retailers not increasing what they stock. As it was pointed out the peg warmers are all fantasy/non licensed garbage. I did have a bit of luck today finding the Super Treasure hunt Porsche 934.5 at a local supermarket. First off the peg super I’ve ever found

  6. I’ll assume this is an international K case and not a U.S. case. Is there any way to determine by looking at the case markings?

  7. This is a solid case, yet it is leaving me a bit underwhelmed due to a lack of newness. The only new models of consequence are the two Lamborghinis and even then I’d consider the Miura Homage more of a recolor of the regular Aventador. Was the casting changed at all? When I heard this model announced, I was for some reason expecting the ’06 Miura Concept. I don’t have a Countach in my collection, so this will be a nice addition, but again, I would prefer the street car.

    Beyond that, we have some nice recolors new to this case; I’m liking the Porsche 911 and even though we’ve had a ton of Lotus Esprits, this black on gold is so classic for that car and recalls the John Player’s Special race livery. I’d say the Borla Ford Mustang looks every bit as good in white as it did in black, the GT looks great in red and the Maverick looks sharp in dark blue.

    It will be nice to have a second chance at the lovely white Advan Nissan 180SX and Yokohama Mazda REPU. Also getting more chances at Mercedes, Cadillac and Ford endurance GT racers.

    I can’t say I’m crazy about the decos on the Integra and Mk 2 Golf. I may have to pass on those.

  8. Nice to see all the 1940s hearing aids being recycled to make the wheels on the Aventador super !

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