Talking (and showing) Hot Wheels Team Transport with Mattel’s Jimmy Liu

My guess is most of you are now familiar with Hot Wheels Team Transport.  The next phase of the Hot Wheels Car Culture line starts this summer with three 2-packs.  The Hot Wheels Team brought the FEP models to Hot Wheels Nationals in Dallas to show to collectors, and as you can imagine, the response was…well, you can imagine.

Thankfully, Jimmy Liu from Hot Wheels Marketing, who handles many of the logistics of the line and a full-on toy nerd himself, sat down with me at the Convention to give Lamley Viewers and Readers a full preview of the Mix A.

Many thanks to Jimmy, and I hope you enjoy:

6 Replies to “Talking (and showing) Hot Wheels Team Transport with Mattel’s Jimmy Liu”

  1. Jimmy Lui……please please please please please please for the love of God please improve the logistics and distributions.

  2. man o man, this is an awesome start to an excellent segment! I hope they add some american muscle to the line. Also got me think, I wish HW would release more heavy duty trucks, semis, box trucks, etc. with dual rear axles for added realism like on the Long Gone model. Definitely a good time to be into HW’s.

  3. Love these, however these will most likely be secondary market bonanzas. If I find any of them in store it will be a surprise.

  4. Nice cars and the VW transporter is good too, the 2 other trucks are not my cup of tea. Will be amazed if they arrive in the UK, but will probably have to pay silly money on eBay to acquire them.

  5. Love them but what’s happened to the Momo Porsche set is that going to be in mix 2? We will never see them in the UK so Ebay will be my place to buy them at ten times the original cost gutted about that !😠

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