Lamley Daily (One-and-Done Edition): Hot Wheels Koenigsegg Agera R

#lamleydaily – April 19, 2018


Model: Hot Wheels Koenigsegg Agera R

Line: 2014 Hot Wheels Entertainment

Where to get it: eBay is your best bet at this point

Why it is in the collection: It is in my collection strictly because of its one-and-done status.  It is most surely a unique model,  and a surprising model choice when this segment was announced.

I was not a fan when I showcased it back then, mainly because of the wheel choice and exaggerated size difference in the wheels.  My criticism didn’t sit well with a lot of you, and clearly I was in the minority, as this model has become a must for many collectors.  Secondary prices have skyrocketed.


And yes, over time I have softened on it, and am quite happy to have one.  Actually two, as I have the extra black tampo variation as well:


What is interesting is that the Koenigsegg has, at least for now, joined the most exclusive of Hot Wheels Clubs, the One-and-Done.  There aren’t a lot of these models, but for whatever reason, they have only been seen once.  The Agera is one of those.  I thought we would have seen it again at some point, and it does make sense as a Car Culture model.  And it would be most welcome, especially with far better Real Rider options.

Alas, from what I have heard there are no plans for future versions.  This is it.


22 Replies to “Lamley Daily (One-and-Done Edition): Hot Wheels Koenigsegg Agera R”

  1. Probably too much diecast metal for that cheap company mattel.theyre slowly taking away metal and replacing them with plastic.i cant wait for them to go bankcrupt and sell the matchbox brand.theyre losing profits now.hasbro made an offer to buy them but they declined.the hubris.pride goes first before the fall

  2. It’ll get a mainline version, if not next year, then 2020. And I’m willing to go full Jotaro with that bet. That car–and many more Koenigseggs besides–has got to be on HW.

  3. Koenigsegg has been known to be hard to deal so that could be the reason we have seen only one version of this and then nothing, not even other models.

    I am not a fan of Koenigsegg in real life, but I have grown to like this HW one. The wheels still bother me but now that I know how to get a wheel swap done, so its not a problem for me. I just hope I’m able to find one that won’t cost a bomb.

  4. that’s to bad. it would have made a great casting to use in the base/mainline cars hw exotics series. if i remember right there was a white one, and a black one or silver one in that movie as well.

  5. I’m not nuts about this casting…it’s just off in more ways than one, but I like the fact that it’s such an off-the-beaten-trail choice for Hot Wheels. And I won’t lie…it feels good when a model I bought unwittingly becomes such a valuable item, even if mine’s loose and I have no intention of selling it.

    1. This is the exact same way I got mine. And yes, it’s a keeper. This is one of the models I actually prefer with large rear wheels. I think the wheels on the real car are too small. Something with nearly 1,000 hp (IIRC) NEEDS large rear wheels/tires.

  6. This car was a peg warmer in my area. Much like the Vintage Racing 510, the stores could not give them away and now look at the outrageous secondary market price.

  7. It’s the licensing squabble with konigsegg. They don’t do much licensing to many toymakers. But when they do, man I’m gonna hoard this models. For this model, I’ll like the big rear wheels as most hypercar with 1000+hp should. When the day comes on mainline, I’d custom some to white and silver, just like in the movie. I already got the custom track cardboard.

  8. What a great looking car! I love how it was done up so cleanly. The red and black combination on black wheels suits this car perfectly. I don’t own this one and oddly don’t remember it debuting. I like that it’s not your typical supercar that most would think of. It would be nice if they found a way to get it back out in circulation.

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