Here are the latest Target Red Editions

It seems like it has been awhile since the first 2018 batch of Target Red Editions hit.  If I remember correctly it was last year that numbers 1 to 3 were released.  Well, 4 to 6 are here, and they are super nice.  At least 2 of 3 are super nice.  I’ll let you figure out which two:

I like this pair:


2 Replies to “Here are the latest Target Red Editions”

  1. Well like you said, two of three are nice. I was never able to find the Kool Kombi from last year (not a huge deal since I’m not nutso over that model), so I’m hoping I won’t have the same problem with the VW this time around.

  2. The VW and Mustang are both nice, though the rusty deco doesn’t show up as well on this red Transporter as it did on the baby blue one. No chance I’ll ever see these at my Target, so no need to too excited. I actually prefer the mainline colors, so it’s all good.

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