Here is how the Matchbox BMW i8 is coming along.

It was definitely a crowd-pleaser when it was announced last July.  When the Matchbox Team unveiled its plans for 2018 at last year’s Gathering of Friends Convention, there was a lot to get excited about.  The BMW i8 was in the middle of it all.

First off, after Matchbox debuted the i3 in 2017, the i8 seemed like a logical next step.  Both unique cars with unique silhouettes, the i3 and i8 needed to be together.  So announcing the i8 for 2018, collectors were both not surprised and ecstatic.  It needed to be done.  Second, the Matchbox Team announced two versions.  One basic version and another with opening doors.

We haven’t seen the opening door version – but I’m told the opening parts models are coming along nicely – but the basic version is on its way and will be here soon.  In fact, the Matchbox Team teased the finished product in IG:

Full disclosure, that black version has arrived here, and will be part of my J Mix Preview.  But the Team also sent this early First Shot, and it gives us an idea of the development of the i8.


Obviously the i8 is not going to be green, nor is the interior going to be sky blue.  This is what First Shots look like.  These days the interiors are blue, and they are painted whatever color is lying around.  Looks like green was the choice.

The green does the the model no favors from a silhouette perspective, but it does show the details.  Talking with the Matchbox Team, this model is particularly difficult to do, with all of its unique angles and flying pillars.  BMW is appropriately particular about the details in replicas of its cars, so I can imagine there were more than a few restarts.


But the result looks good, and it will look even better in its finished state, in black.  For now, here is how it is coming along.



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  1. cheap ass mattel using plastic roof again !!! someone buy matchbox from mattel and bring it to its former glory!!!

  2. The clear roof is part of the method of keeping the wieght down, so that will be dealt with in aftermarket custom work. The Sky Blue plastic should actually be kept as that is the neon color accent on brand new i8s.
    I am only slightly dissapointed in that it seems a wee bit taller in profile than the real car. Not as sleek. And I wonder with the unique style the doors open how MBX will copy that. Having standard doors open will just add panel gap and a kit car feel to the model. I know…what do I expect from a $4 premium?
    However…Majorette seems to have fixed super wide swinging doors on their $3 cars. They open tight to the body.
    Oh well. If BMW is happy with this…then so shall I be.

  3. Looking very nice indeed…the black production version will look fantastic next to its i3 brother. If this were Hot Wheels, I’d have doubts about their ability to get paint coverage into those nooks near the rear taillights, but the orange brand doesn’t seem to have much trouble in that department. Very excited.

  4. That blurb about BMW being sticklers to detail must be true. The M2 was the bomb, to say nothing of the other Bimmers before. German marques don’t fool around.

    Will be on the lookout for this. Might get it in white, though.

  5. The plastic roof is not a real problem, I imagine they would fix that detail with paint. I like the detail of the steering wheel, it looks as a 1/64 steering wheel in a toy car should look. it is a good design from Mattel Matchbox

  6. Made in ____ ? But I’m pretty sure the prototype has been made in “Toyland” because of the elephant icon.

  7. Looking good! I can’t wait. I hope the production version has darker smoked windows though. The ivory interior on the IG model is a bit distracting through the clear roof panel. Maybe with a black interior it wouldn’t be as off-putting? Is the i8 even available with a panoramic roof?

    On the other hand, didn’t the Hot Wheels ’90 Acura NSX have a one-piece plastic roof that was painted black on some versions? So maybe there’s still hope for a painted panel on the i8?

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