Preview: Matchbox Jurassic World “Battle Damage” Walmart Exclusives

Based on what I saw on Instagram today, there was definitely a rush on US Targets to snag the Matchbox Jurassic World Legacy Collection Models.  And rightly so, as the set is awesome.

And there are more coming.  The standard Jurassic World models are also officially out, although many stores stocked them awhile ago.  The Matchbox Team sent over a set, as well as the Walmart-exclusive Battle Damage models, due out soon.  Here is a preview:

3 Replies to “Preview: Matchbox Jurassic World “Battle Damage” Walmart Exclusives”

  1. Should have watched these videos Sunday….forgot. Went to a Target yesterday on word of mouth (online) and found nothing….but didn’t know to look in the “action figures” aisle. Went to 4 Walmarts and checked the action figure aisle in at least one, no JW models at all in most, but one of 5 stores had the Textron Tiger and the Mercedes G550, but those have been around at that store for almost 3 weeks. Nothing else from that first release….why only the two models?????

  2. The Textron Tiger isn’t a utility vehicle, it’s a military armored car. 🙂

    The “Armored Action Truck” appears to be an MRAP Freemanator. I guess Matchbox couldn’t get the license.

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