Unboxing: 2018 Hot Wheels International J Case

Hot Wheels J Case is coming soon.  There are quite a few highlights, including the best Regular TH in years.  Check it out:

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  1. I still haven’t even found the H case yet! This batch has been out for about a month and I still can’t find them? I constantly check my stores and are either empty or filled with old stock. This is probably the most difficult batch to find in my entire seven years worth of collecting! I’ve never had this much of a problem finding a batch of cars ever! I don’t know why this batch is simply not showing up at retail stores but it’s driving me nuts! I refuse to order them online because of the fact that you have to pay extra from a greedy seller who won’t charge retail price. Plus shipping and handling, and how you have to wait even longer for the package to arrive, I just don’t want to budge.

  2. Yayyy another case I don;t have to look for. Not impressed and the Kombi is just dumb, according to my collection criteria. All the non licensed junk just hangs on the pegs and the collectors are getting all the licensed cars. Oh well, happy hunting for those that are into it.

  3. Had enough…worn out from all this collecting BS….non existent stock, insider knowledge, flaky distribution. If this is collecting, I’ve decided it isn’t for me.

  4. Lots of great models in here; Racing version of the Ford GT, Mercedes GT and Caddilac ATS (I’m not as crazy about these color choices compared to round 1), a trio of supercars, the McLaren 720S & P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder (love the 720S and Spyder, will likely pass on yet another P1), a glut of JDMs with a couple of Skylines (love the R30 in gray, not as big a fan of purple), a beautiful Nissan 180SX and equally cool Mazda REPU, a Honda City car and a questionable Integra (after the McLaren, the recolored 180 & REPU are my favorites and must haves from this case). Rounding things out are a heaping helping of Fords; a couple of cool F-150s, a trio of Mustangs (will grab the ’18, will likely pass on the custom and convertible).

  5. I agree with those above who are struggling finding new waves this year. It has been the worst year in recent memory for distribution in my area. So very slow for 2108 product to start rolling out. It is just now starting to hit a slow stride. Target stores have been all but useless for the past year and a half. Product is moving but it is very rare indeed to come across a licensed model. I can only imagine these are cleared out by the eBayers as soon as the doors open. Walmart has now eliminated dump bins and introduced a dumb sidekick/floor display with cramped pegs on top and an inaccessible (to adults) bin below. Otherwise, my local store has approx. 250 HW cars overflowing from the pegs. If I had to put my finger on how many of those are licensed models, I’d say no more than 10. Kroger has a vast selection but they are absolutely buried in old stock! Though I am surprised with the occasional current year model, they certainly have not been getting in every wave. Heck, I have seen firsthand brand new floor displays and dump bins come out stocked full of 2017 or older 2016-2015 stock. It’s crazy!

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