Preview: Matchbox Jurassic World Legacy Collection

Tomorrow marks the official launch of the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom merchandise, and Matchbox is right in the middle of it.  Many of these models have been seen, but they officially launch tomorrow, including the Target-Exclusive Jurassic World Legacy Collection.

The Matchbox Team went all out for these sets, creating 10 new tools, most of them licensed.  That means this goes far beyond Jurassic World fans, as there is plenty for us diecast nerds as well.  Look for two new Mercedes and a new Ford.

I have two previews coming, starting with the Legacy Collection.  Look for Part 2 soon.

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  1. Your backdrop for this video is great.

    I’m looking forward to every one of those vehicles.

    Is the canvas top on the second Jeep removable?

    1. I hope it is. I want them to do Jeep 10, the one without the roll cage. I’ve wanted a Jeep Wrangler without a roll cage ever since Jurassic Park.

  2. Some really awesome new tools there! Love the Wrangler w/ roll bar, the Ford and Mercedes are cool too, and so is the RV. Nice to see so much effort gone into these.

    Nice background btw!

  3. These look great, really cool to see brand new accurate tools being used…guess the ’93 Explorer and ’93 Wrangler (love those square headlamps!) could fit quite comfortably into the mainline in future…hope that these get picked up by a UK retailer!

      1. Cheers Keith, I will look today, thanks for the tip. And as for Charlie mack, we in the uk are frustrated too over what Mattel has done to this matchbox brand. We share your frustration. A food market asda as main source!!! Wtf

  4. Went out today in torrential rain to find these. Zero, Zilch, Nada. No signs of ANY Jurassic World product let alone any matchbox. One store says they are not a “volume” store so won’t carry them… such bullsh*t. why give Target an exclusive when they don’t or won’t even carry a lousy $1 toy! Yet on Ebay at 10X their shelf value from probable Target employees who raided the backrooms! Disappointed, annoyed and aggravated with mbx/mattel right now anyway. most dealers cut off from case assortments after case D so must fend for ourselves looking in stores and competing with scalpers.

      1. Hiya Keith g, just to let you know that 2018 line up is now at asda. It only took 4 months! Hope you get what you need! Regards

    1. Would that be the rainstorm that blew through Misssissippi/Alabama Saturday? We got several tornadoes from it and considerable damage, but thankfully no injuries.

      Also, have you gotten the crrrent Jurassic release from Walmart yet? The Mercedes G-Class and Textron are must-haves.

    2. I agree completely no matchbox to be found around Kingston NY unless you count wal mart which is still putting
      out batch A

  5. Called 1-800-Target. They are completely oblivious to ANY Matchbox Jurassic World product. It is NOT in their computer system but Hot Wheels are! Mattel- why did you choose Target?????

    1. HA! Target doesn’t want to be burdened by silly toy collectors. They put their emphasis on seasonal clothing & electronics.
      I recently pursued them on their FB page about why they keep restocking the Mix 1 & 2 Retro HW’s line, but can’t seem to stock Mix 3. I finally just purchased the Superbird about a month ago from Mix 3 (Only one store had a couple left from the mix) & haven’t seen anymore. You’ll see plenty of Mix 1& 2 … DUH!!!!!!!!
      Thanks Target!

    2. Thee Charlie mack!!! I brought a book of yours many years ago at a toy/model fair based in Norfolk . Paul Carr was there with his stand. What a collection you have. If only I could have half of what you have!!! Thank you for opening my eyes to what collecting is all about before Internet taking over. We in the uk share your frustrations, it’s as tho Mattel have pulled the plug to uk. We haven’t received any 2018 line up. It seems to be hotwheels 50th in matchbox homeland! I hope matchbox Mattel listens to you and take note. At least You had the bottle to say /write something about how things are with the brand. Regards.

  6. Very nice. Must have the iconic Explorer and Jeep as well as a few others. Saw a different 5 pack just for the new movie today

  7. I just got all 7 vehicle variations. The Target I went in Denver had it merchandised with the action toys not in the die-cast isle. So we need to cruise the “movie toys” isle also for this set.

  8. I also saw other matchbox cars while I got my 7. They were larger sized vehicles, kind of like the RW Series. I found 4 different vehicles with its own dinosaur. 3 cars and a helicopter. They looked pretty dinky to me kind of lame and at $8 a pop I said “hell no” If they were as detailed and as cool as the RW series I would of had no problem dropping $30+ but these, nah.

  9. Was able to pull a Pokémon today and caught them all at target . Do look at the Mattel web site, use “Jurassic Park” search…..there is another Five pack…a third version that was not reviewed here

  10. Nope, go look at the Mattel site. Click the Jurassic Park choice on right and click to page 2 ….there is set 3…..

  11. The Mercedes ML320 is from 1997’s The Lost World: Jurassic Park. It will not be in Fallen Kingdom. And Matchbox has done it before, back during the film’s theatrical release in ’97. It was released as simply “4X4” (maybe they didn’t have the Mercedes license back then).

    There’ll also be an “armored vehicles” pack, apparently, featuring some licensed military vehicles (notably an Oshkosh FMTV, a green Textron Tiger and a new long-body Mercedes Unimog).

    What bugs me is that they apparently aren’t going to give the AMG 6×6 the movie treatment. Oh well.


    Ford Explorer and both Jeep Wranglers are of course from Jurassic Park.
    The ML320 and Fleetwood RV are from The Lost World.
    The tanker truck isn’t from anything, although there was a tanker truck outside of the Indominus rex’s paddock in Jurassic World, though, and the truck there does have the Jurassic World logo (however the truck in the movie had six wheels, not four).

  12. I found the set that I think @Stretchafetcha is looking at: the Jurassic World All Terrain Fleet 5-Pack . The picture I see has:
    Textron Tiger in green
    Jeep Wrangler canvas top in blue-and-silver Jurassic World livery
    Mercedes-Benz Unimog in grey/green
    6×6 cage truck with a cab similar to the armored action truck in bluish grey
    6×6 cab-forward flatbed with some sort of orange framework on the back…and the outline of a pterosaur on the side.

    The last three are additional new tools I haven’t seen in any of the other previews. This series of Jurassic World sets is blowing my mind with the variety of new tools, and with how much fun each one of them is.

  13. Found them all at Target,love the explorer. Found some at Walmart too,frgular release not battle damage. That third five pack is awesome,I d love to find it or singles of the trucks. The explorer will be the tough one to get, the Jeep’s too.
    Can not believe all the new castings what a set.
    Hey Matchbox if you can do this I’ll expect the same or better in the future for other releases.

  14. I found mine at Target. They were not in their “regular” spot. They had a section devoted to Jurassic World stuff.

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