Super Showcase: 2018 Hot Wheels ’52 Chevy Super Treasure Hunt

The combination of being a little diecasted out after Dallas and a two-day work added up to a two-day break.  But with all the cool stuff coming, it is time to ramp it up.

Starting with a tremendous Super Treasure Hunt coming in the Hot Wheels J Case.  Mattel sent one over for a preview, and here it is.  More J Case coverage coming soon.

This is certainly a Super to pursue:


5 Replies to “Super Showcase: 2018 Hot Wheels ’52 Chevy Super Treasure Hunt”

  1. That truck certainly looks good. I’ve been looking for the Matchbox as well but unable to find it but as a substitute found a similar truck by Racing champions and came in two tone.

  2. A wonderful $uper…can’t argue with another classic pickup in an eye-catching deco. And I’ll never get tired of those steelies either.

    This isn’t a knock on the blog, because the excellent information I get from it makes it a daily stop on my trip around the interwebs, but why a video for one model? I understand that for features like the Saturday showcases, video makes sense because you walk through a whole slew of models, and I suppose I can tolerate the unboxing videos as well, but I wish we could just get a nice juicy set of photos for single models like this. It isn’t always possible for me to watch the videos because many times I’m browsing in my down-time at work. I’m not digging the move away from photos to the tendency for there to be video after video.

    Anyway, rant over. I enjoy the blog nonetheless, keep it up

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