The second MiJo Exclusives Auto-Japan set from M2 Machines is now out.

I am still all in on M2’s Auto-Japan series.  Sure, they have done the same three castings – but all with M2-esque mods – but they have done them all right.  The decos follow interesting themes, stay connected, and most importantly, look really good.

I just found the next set of Auto-Japan at Walmart, and now the second set of MiJo Exclusives is out, and SURPLUSgoodies as them:

MiJo Exclusives M2 Auto-Japan at SURPLUSgoodies

This 3-car set is a perfect compliment to the first MiJo release, with the decos reversing.

Check it out:

There are certain diecast lines you just know are special.  These multiple initial releases of Auto-Japan are special.  I have been trying to pursue all, with or without chases, and I will enjoy putting all of these together as I move forward.  The MiJo exclusives will be particularly fun to show, as they go quickly and will surely be harder to find in the future.  I see someone looking at my M2 Skyline collection for example, wondering where the hell I got the Advan one.  I’ll smile.

MiJo Exclusives M2 Auto-Japan at SURPLUSgoodies



8 Replies to “The second MiJo Exclusives Auto-Japan set from M2 Machines is now out.”

  1. Don’t worry Jon, they’ll get old quick. They have just three Camaro castings, yet they’ve released almost 20 color combinations of each in the past year. M2 gets pretty pathetic when it comes to not putting something down.

    1. That release was hot garbage. Greenlight ruined the body of the 240Z and included those monster steamroller tires. Ultimately made the 240Z appear like a diminutive monster truck.

  2. Advertising here from a non-Lamley partner?

    Leftovers of a GL stiff, Tokyo Torque, to unload on the unwary…?


  3. John, it’s complement not compliment. These are nice but the Mijo exclusives here are £15 ( $18 ), so whereas it would be nice to buy them all, for those of us that actually have to use our own money to obtain them it’s not always possible financially.

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