Let’s see what cars are in my RLC Car Culture Bundle

It’s been the talk among the Hot Wheels folks.  Some of you received RLC Car Culture bundles with some odd assortments.  Datsuns missing, replaced with extra Mustangs or Gassers.  There is no doubt that’s a bummer, and hopefully you have called customer service.

Because of that, I thought it prudent to open the three sets that I received today.  Here we go:

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  1. My three sets arrived complete, but only one out of the three was pristine. The other two had at least 2 seriously cracked blisters per set, each time the Datsun and Mustang being partially out of the blister.
    I do understand that depending on how your package has been handled, shit can happen. But at the same time we are talking about products designed to be handled a lot and to travel long distances in whatever conditions. The blister, is the last bastion after layers and layers of protection. And this still happens?
    I don’t see this happening with other brands, not on this scale anyways. Autoworld, Greenlight, M2, I don’t see this happening to their blisters. Because they are better designed than Hot Wheels’? Definitely. No question about it.
    The only time Hot Wheels seems to provide good packaging is with the Retro Entertainment style of blisters or the ones for RLC releases. Anything else, it’s just too thin and brittle to withstand the weight of the premium models moving in every direction during transportation.

  2. I wont ever see a bundle so I am happy to see yours.
    Side note. Cool jam. Keep that up.
    And the reving cars at the beginning? Put that over your banner.
    I like the vibe….

  3. I bought 3 sets, they arrived in the sealed carton. 1 was complete, the other 2 had the Datsun replaced with an extra Cyclone.

    1. Sent a note to customer service including order number etc., That the boxes clearly state “INCLUDES ALL 5 CARS” is my strongest argument I suppose… I’ll update if I receive a response but I’m really not optimistic. So far this is par for the course with RLC/Mattel.

  4. There’s a ”2017 Car Culture Premium Set: Car Shortages” thread in the RLC section of HWC with information on how to report errors in the boxed set.

  5. Thankfully, at least I received the correct cars.

    The blisters were cracked on the Datsun and the Mustang, however, as so many others are experiencing.

    Then I noticed that the other three cars had that ‘U-shaped’ piece of extra plastic inside of their blisters. An extra layer of protection, which helped keep the cars in place during shipping.

    Therefore…no cracked blisters on the other three cars.

    So I guess Mattel needs to put that extra plastic protection inside ALL of the cars if they do this sort of thing again.

    Hope they learn from this for the future.

    It’s a cheap, simple fix.


  6. Recieved my 3 sets today. Opened them all. All 3 complete sets and only one damaged blister on one of the Cyclone’s. Set free that one along with the other 4. Great set. The blue Datsun really compliments the red Vintage Racing.

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