Preview: Hot Wheels RLC Original 16 Custom Cougar

The Hot Wheels Redline Club has been the talk of the collecting world.  First, new memberships finally opened, which meant MANY new members were welcomed in.  And second, the first big sale of 2018 was the RLC Car Culture Bundle.  Things have gone fine for most, but some cracked blisters and assortment mix-ups have caused a lot of frustration.  Basically, awesome models that can sometimes bring a great deal of frustration, with some justified – and yes, some unjustified – complaining.  Seems like a normal RLC year, no?

So amid the sellouts and 510 absences, I think it is good to remind new RLC members of one of the original benefits of the RLC: the beautiful nostalgic models.  The Original 16 Series continued this week with the sale of the Custom Cougar.  Mattel sent one over to preview, and the video is below.

The RLC priority window has come and gone, but there are still some available.  Look for it in the HWC Shop.

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