Lamley Daily: Kyosho Bentley Arnage T

#lamleydaily – March 14, 2018


Model: Kyosho Bentley Arnage T

Line: Kyosho Bentley Series 2

Where to get it: Mostly sellers from Asia on sites like ebay

Why it’s in the collection: This one fills a gap.  British luxury sedans are, shall we say, underrepresented in my collection.  This Arnage seems to fit that bill nicely.  I can’t say I am particularly passionate about the car, but I love the replica.  Kyosho has had some misses, but this isn’t one of them.

It is 1/64, but its huge.  That is because the real Arnage is huge.  This one rolls really well, and it just looks really good.  Kyosho sold me on the replica more than the car.


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    1. Mercedes 420 or 560 SEL. Beautiful ride, timeless muscular design, and one of the most solid automobiles I have been in. Truly one of the last Benz’s before the bean counters came into play.

      1. Oh, yeah, old Benz sedans are a brilliant idea indeed.

        Yet to see someone pick a Rolls-Royce, though. Weird.

  1. You could be fooled into thinking those are pictures of the real car…outstanding model. They’re a bit expensive for me, but if I were to take the plunge I think I’d pick up one of the older Turbo R models that I see Kyosho also did. Same classic British luxury, except in the more squared-off ’80s style that’s looking better by the day.

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