M2 Machines previewed their cool new Coca-Cola line at the NY Toy Fair. Here is a look.

It has been a few weeks since the New York Toy Fair ended, but there is one thing I want to make sure gets shown here.  Coke and M2.  And it’s cool.

My friend Tim Pagano from MVE Collectibles was there, and he was able to take some pics of the upcoming M2/Coca-Cola collaboration, and was nice enough to share them here.

This is a big deal.  Coca-Cola is obviously one of the most recognizable brands around, and it is also one of the most collected.  M2 is a perfect fit to match up with in the diecast world, with their large variety of castings and styles.  And judging by these first previewed models, this should be fun to collect.

I am sure Sean and the M2 gang will be sharing a lot of info about these in the coming months leading to the Coca-Cola release, and I am looking forward to learning more.  For now we will check out the pics.

Thanks to Tim for sharing.

8 Replies to “M2 Machines previewed their cool new Coca-Cola line at the NY Toy Fair. Here is a look.”

  1. Quailty issues are still a deciding factor for me when it comes to M2. I’ll have to approach this with a grain of salt. Otherwise, I’m interested in the Chevy stakeside. It’s the only intersting model in that batch for me.

  2. Ugh…so tired of this obsession with Coke advertising. The stuff only good for cleaning grime from car parts and producing more fat children.

    1. Oh lighten up. Coke hasn’t received any exposure on Lamley recently (if ever). You should at least be happy this isn’t yet another post about Gulf or Mooneyes, which have both been nonstop of late.

  3. Coca-Cola has some of the most iconic advertising ever, and it lends itself well to panel-type vehicles. As such, I’ll definitely be interested in the Econoline. The other castings don’t do much for me personally, but I could be tempted to pick up one of the three semi trucks as well

  4. Kinda makes me wanna have a nice ice cold delicious Coke right now…. MMMmmmmmmm!
    I’m not super crazy about VW Beetles, but that rich red with those bling chromed wheels looks pretty sweeeet (no pun intended!).

  5. I work for Coca-Cola and am in desperate need of some new decorations for my desk. These should fit the bill nicely. Hopefully I get lucky enough to stumble across some of them.

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