Some new colors of some new Matchbox favorites.

The Camaro Convertible and Mercedes-Benz G63 6×6 were two of the more popular models to debut in 2017, and both are back in 2018.  Abe teased the next two colors on IG over the last couple of days:

Digging both.  Because we see so many Camaros from Hot Wheels, I think the beauty of this Matchbox offering gets lost a bit, but its brilliant.  And it looks great in blue.  The 6×6 is a star, and I love this color and wheel combo.  I’m in for both.

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  1. I was hoping for either matte black or that crazy acid yellow from the real-life G500 4×4² as the recolor for the Mercedes, but this gunmetal looks pretty sweet too. The Camaro looks great in blue too, obviously. I was surprised to find that the debut of the Mercedes was somewhat of a pegwarmer, so I’m hoping that makes this second one easy to find as well.

  2. I thought we were supposed to get a Mercedes variation with an interior on the first debut. I guess it didn’t go through since this new color follows suit of the first release. Oh well. The Camaro looks actually looks sharper in blue than red! I like how they still kept the dark grey 5 spokes. I can’t wait to find if all my stores didn’t have best of 2017 A case carryovers clogging the pegs!

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