Lamley Daily: Tomica Limited Vintage Neo 1997 Honda Civic Type R

#lamleydaily – March 5th, 2018


Model: 1997 Honda Civic Type R

Line: Tomica Limited Vintage Neo

Where to get it: Grab either color from Japan Booster, but they go fast

Why it’s in the collection: Because it’s a Tomica Limited Vintage.  But beyond that, it’s a Honda done by TLV.  That is a no-brainer combo.  TLV has done the Civic before, and they make a great pair:


When I met my wife, she was driving an EG Civic, so that has a nostalgic element to it.  But as a collector, the EK really excites.  TLV does stock, but even then they rarely do the sport version of any car they do.  In the case of the EK, they went with the Type R, which is super exciting.  It is a legendary model to do, but it is also aesthetically a treat.


The white rims are fantastic, and the sporty red interior a standout.  My only complaint with TLV is that they don’t do enough sport versions of cars, like the Skyline GT-R’s, and that is shown here.  These two Civics are gems.

And that is manifest in the speed at which they sell.  Japan Booster, and other retailers for that matter, can’t keep them in stock.  Look at these and it is obvious why.


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