Cleaning out my Hot Wheels collection, letters A and B

Every once in awhile a purge is required.  My rule is that my entire loose Hot Wheels and Matchbox collection has to fit in my office closet.  If it gets too big, it is time go through it and remove some models.

My collection certainly isn’t bursting at the seams, but this is a good time to go through it.  In the next few weeks, I will be trading rooms with my daughter.  She gets my office, and I get her room.  She gets the privacy she wants in the basement, and I get a den.  Win-win.

So, in preparation of the move, I am making sure the collection is in order, and that means it is a good time to purge.  I organize my loose collection by carmaker, so I started with the A’s and B’s in the Hot Wheels section.  Essentially, Acura through Buick.

I decided to show you what I kept, and what is going.  I will try and do this with all of my Hot Wheels and Matchbox collection over the next few weeks, so be sure to subscribe to the channel to see.

Let me know what you think about what stayed and what went.  Enjoy:

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  1. I am curious as to where those purged are to go. Is there a link that you can post and a possible sale site of where these can be purchased,, i.e. a Lamley store link to an Ebay site or the like. Quite a collection you’ve obtained and as always thank you for doing what you do. Me likes. Off topic I noticed a absence of as is the customs or lamley customs in your directory at the top of the page for links.

      1. I don’t have plans to sell everything I purged for now, mainly because of lack of time. Same goes with As Is.

  2. I predict that in a few more years, the new rule will be “the loose Hot Wheels and Matchbox collection must fit in the house.”

  3. Every time I do this I sell off at least one that I found has appreciated considerably in value later on.

    1. Yeah… like when I unloaded a HW’s Ferrari 599XX Speed Machines in yellow & black a couple months before the
      big license pull… wasn’t happy.. now I wish I hadn’t sold it even loose!

    1. That’s one of my favorite muscle castings…it had a really solid run of stock decos when they debuted it and I still like the less stock ones too

  4. Love nearly all the models that were spared from the ax. What a shame you are parting ways with such great cars as the Alfa Romeo 8C, Aston Martin One-77 and DB10.

    Disregard the Alfa. I see you did hold on to a couple of those. I can understand purging some color variations to make room for more new models. I suspect you are letting the One-77s and DB10s go because they are not mainstream production cars. The One-77 being a limited run supercar and the DB10 a one-off (or 10-off) movie prop. A shame not having at least one representation of each if you are an Aston Martin fan.

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