Hot Wheels Car Culture RLC Bundle goes on sale this Tuesday, March 6th

Alert for RLC Members.  The 2017 RLC Car Culture Bundle goes on sale this Tuesday, March 6th at 9am Pacific.  Price is $26.99 plus shipping.

Many of you joined RLC just to get a shot at this set.  Good move, because it is worth it, and only available to RLC members until it sells out.  (Which it will with a limit of three per account.)

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  1. They are still behind in completing my membership…over two weeks now! So I am S.O.L. on these as well…and, yes, these ARE why I joined up in the first place.

    Guess I will call customer service again to see if they can expedite things.

    If they can’t , then I will cancel and stick with collecting Tomica and Auto World and M2 and 1/43rd’s and save myself the hassle of trying to hunt down models from a company with so many problems getting stuff to consumers.

    Supposed to be a fun hobby. There’s plenty of great models out there.

    Some companies take the fun out if it. Who needs that?

    Thanks, Mattel…………


    1. I just got off the phone with customer service, even though the order is “pending” the membership has been completed, they are shipping orders out today. I asked if I would be able to purchase the upcoming set coming out on March 6th and was assured I’d be able to so we should be good!

  2. Your membership is active immediately. As long you can log into RLC and get onto the forums/RLC page, your membership is active and you can buy them. Just because you didn’t get the car doesn’t mean your are not an active member.

    1. With the help of a friendly customer service lady in Buffalo, I was able to get to the bottom of this.

      When I paid for my membership back on 2/13, I used PayPal to pay for it. There has been a hold on the funds in my PayPal account ever since…so I was wondering why the transaction was not actually finalized by Mattel by now.

      The nice lady in Buffalo told me that…”sometimes”…the system doesn’t put the order through to PayPal in a timely manner, and so the order expires!

      My membership order of two weeks ago, therefore, never actually went through!

      So I signed up again today using a credit card, and now I am (supposedly…) good to go.

      The membership order is showing as ‘paid’ now on my account profile. My credit card online is showing the funds as having been taken by Mattel today as well…so I guess I can assume that this new transaction has actually completed.

      As a warning to you guys…maybe don’t use PayPal for your payment on the Mattel website or you might not have your order go through, and you might never get your stuff.

      It’s the 21st Century. Websites and PayPal have been around for over a decade by now. One day, Mattel corporate might figure out how it all works…

      Thank goodness for the humans in the customer service department in Buffalo.


      1. Oh yeah…so just as I finished typing the message above…an email came through from Mattel saying my membership order is Backordered…and will supposedly/allegedly ship on 3/23.

        Mattel…the home of multiple inefficiencies !!!!


  3. Pending just means haven’t shipped yet, doesn’t mean your order isn’t there and being processed.

  4. Not fair HOTWHEELS! Not all of us can get on the RLC!!!! The castings will cost high ransom on eBay…..Hard enough to other special series period,forget any Treasrue Hunt and Forget about SUPERS! As of now I will sale all my HOTWHEELS and stop buying/trading them too. this was the last straw.

  5. This was an interesting move by Mattel/Hot Wheels. Pretty brilliant from a marketing/business perspective, but from a collector perspective, I’m not too sure. A lot of Car Culture is really hard to find as is, with many having to resort to ebay and pay very exorbitant prices on the secondary market. But collectors do it all the time and take the hit on hard-to-find models (of which are many!) to complete their collection. Then all of a sudden comes a ‘gotcha!’ – your collection (of multiple Car Culture sets) all of a sudden is no longer complete. There was a hidden/missing model from each set. By the way, to get them, you have to get the membership and pay whatever price is determined by the company. ONLY then is your collection actually complete.

    The cars are very cool. The business practice less so. They could have just released them out into the wild. Holding models hostage like this is like murder to the completists, I really feel for them.

    More and more each day, I keep thinking I need to just start collecting all the ugly mutt generics and fantasy cars – no grown man tug-o-wars, no ebay wars, no empty shelves, no driving around to 10-20 stores, no HW extortion haha.

    1. Thats exactly what I’m doing more and more…collecting Hot Wheels generics that look like cars and are very effective on the orange track. Stuff Mattel and the licenced merry-go-round with ebay and fruitless drives to hopeless retailers.

  6. Some salty collectors in here. Why is it being said you can’t join RLC? You can still sign up, even today. I just joined 2/20/18 and already have my membership 510. I don’t get the complaints.

    1. Hmmm….you joined on 2/20 and already have your 510? I signed up on 2/13 and my 510 just shipped today…I guess better late than never..

  7. The day I signed up, I was a member, with access to the RLC forum, just received my datsun today. Crazieeee for sure. Can’t wait for Tuesday, Oh yeaaaaaaa!

  8. I don’t think prices on eBay have been all that ridiculious as of late. I was able to get the JH2 Nissan Laurel on eBay for $6 with $5 shipping. $5 shipping isn’t bad either considering the akward size of packaging. (Just my luck I found one in a local target a few days latter). To me, it was well worth $11. It’s a great model.

    Haters gonna hate.

  9. RLC cant even get organised to ship product overseas. I dont know whether i can be a member from Australia, but whats the point anyway without international shipping.

  10. Haven’t bought 1 Car Culture car yet, so no need to get this set either. More for those that do though.

  11. I REALLY REALLY want someone to do a wheel swap on the new 35 BRE 510 so we can see a Direct comparison of old red vs new blue….maybe photoshop is good for now since i dont have the vintage racing one.

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