Lamley Daily: Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Toyota Supra 2.0 Twin Turbo

#lamleydaily – February 19, 2018


Model: (A70) Toyota Supra 2.0 Twin Turbo

Line: Tomica Limited Vintage Neo

Where to get it: I always get my TLV at Japan Booster

Why its in the collection: The A70 Supra is a bit ignored in the diecast world.  Not that the Celica Supras are exactly paid attention to, as all bows to the A80 (and soon to the new Supra).  The A70 Supra is a great model to do, but does share the challenge that many late-80’s/early 90’s cars have when shrunk to 1/64: their shape can come out a bit plain.

That isn’t to say it is a bad shape.  On the contrary, that is a great era for Japanese cars, it is just that sometimes the silhouette doesn’t translate as well.  So leave it up to TLV.  I was excited when TLV announced the model, and I haven’t been disappointed.  They have released several versions, including two cop cars and a pace car, but this black one is my favorite.


The first Supras TLV did were great, but had one flaw.  The wheels weren’t as detailed as they could have been.  TLV fixed that with this release, adding some black in between the spokes, giving the wheels more depth.  That is seriously all I can say about it, as saying anything about the details of this car is just mirroring any comments someone would make about the looks of the actual car.  If you like the A70 Supra, you will like this replica.  I sure do.


5 Replies to “Lamley Daily: Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Toyota Supra 2.0 Twin Turbo”

  1. This is gorgeous.

    BTW: Please keep up your videos. You provide the most mature reviews of the whole hobby.

    I used to own a (full-size) Celica Supra, the model just before this one. I would like to find a 1/64 scale model of it, 1984-85 preferred. Tomica LV was recommended, but they do not seem to have one. Your hunch?

  2. Ike- Matchbox did indeed do a 2nd Generation Celica- the most affordable version out there. Also done by Yatming and Zylmex on the budget end of the spectrum. These were a little more crude, but relatively scarce now in nice shape. At the other end of the scale, Kyosho has done a really nice version as has Tomica Limited (not Limited Vintage). These can be found in the $15-25 range much of the time. I have a 82 Celica GT-S liftback in real life, which is like the Supra after the a-pillar and Celica up front. Keep waiting for that one to be done in 1/64 (or any) scale.

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