Opening a 2018 Hot Wheels 20-pack

Lamley Vlog, Ep. 1:

Bought this 20-pack from Walmart, and here are the models that prompted me to grab it. Plus, a little background on each.

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  1. That blue Camaro also came in a Thailand version found in 3 packs, had a noticeable color swing to it….more of a lighter “blue jean” blue. Musicvox

  2. I’ve picked up most of the featured models in various 9 and 3-packs…I think it only took two 9-packs and a 3-pack to get most of them (plus others not seen here), although I’d still like to get the Gran Torino and the Furai. I’m still quite enamored by the Ford GT LM, there’s just something about that color and deco that’s so cool to me. I’ve taken to calling the color of that Camaro “antifreeze”…that’s the closest I can come to describing it 😉

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