Lamley Daily: 2018 Hot Wheels ’49 Ford F1 Pickup

#lamleydaily – January 4, 2018


Model: Hot Wheels ’49 Ford F1

Line: 2018 Hot Wheels Mainline (HW Flames)

Where to get it: Hitting stores now with the 2018 D Assortment

Why it’s in the collection: Don’t you love those “take-you-by-surprise” models?  You show me the list of models in the 2018 D Case assortment, without showing me pics, I don’t highlight the ’49 Ford.  That isn’t to say it isn’t a nice casting, it most certainly is, but it isn’t one that has grabbed my attention in the past.  And that is even with my love for old pickups.

I can even take this a bit further.  Show me that list of D Case models, and I don’t highlight the Ford.  Tell me it is in the HW Flames sub-series, and I probably go as far as to cross it off.

But all it took was one look, and I was in.


Do I even need to say anything?  The model is gorgeous, and regardless of your opinion on flames on cars, or lowered trucks, I think you agree.  I think anyone who collects Hot Wheels will have to agree.  That red.  Those wheels.  Those, um, flames.  This thing the bee’s knees.


I have a small collection of these “exception to my collecting rules” models, and this one will be happily added.  I prefer more stock looks, and if I am going to add a model with flames, it is of a casting I am collecting completely.  This a happy exception.  It is one of the prettiest 2018 mainline releases so far.

Incidentally, the ’49 Ford hits right about the same time as Matchbox’s ’47 Chevy.  Maybe it is blasphemy to put a Ford and Chevy together, but I am going to anyway.  (Yes, I am aware HW does its own ’47 Chevy as well.). It is pretty obvious these are from the same era.


11 Replies to “Lamley Daily: 2018 Hot Wheels ’49 Ford F1 Pickup”

    1. This is the first mainline version, but the first basic variant appears in the 2016 HW Hot Trucks 5-Pack.

  1. both the MB and the HW are excellent. Flames too. I love flamed cars. Especially 50’s cars. Thanks for the feature.

  2. Those trucks are very well done im not much for ford trucks but this is good enough to make a exception to add to my collection i will deffently be looking out for them

  3. This model does seem to add up to more than the sum of its parts. I’m not huge on flames either, but this is indeed one sharp-looking truck.

  4. Very nice. I found this one a month ago in a 10-pack. Reminds me of the Hi-Tail Hauler that I had as a kid in the 70s.

  5. Very nice, but I like the ’53 Chevy in this livery better. Will be waiting for that to come out on its own…already have seen it in 10 packs and it is NICE.

  6. When I first saw the pictures for it, I wasn’t too sure about the flames so I would pass on it. Then I saw one at TRU and I was hooked! The metallic red and flames work really well with this truck. It looks even better in person!

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