Lamley Awards Poll: What was the Best Matchbox Licensed New Model in 2017?

Alright, let’s go orange.


Hopefully you agree with me that Matchbox continues a most welcome return to form.  You might have some likes and dislikes among the new models shown here, but there is a nice variety of vehicles from all kinds of angles, and that diversity is what many of us longtime Matchbox fans have come to love.  Sure, more would be better, but this is a nice, realistic, mix.

Add to that the fact that Matchbox Team has proven to be well engaged with the community, much more than it used to be.  They set the stage with their @matchboxworld IG feed, and we have seen Abe in Albuquerque, Germany, and at JCCS previewing all kinds of goodies.  And as many of you have found when meeting him, he listens, and he definitely brings you into the process, good and bad.

So let’s have a gander back at 2017, before we jump into 2018.  Here are all the 2018 LICENSED New Models.  I debated including the non-licensed, considering Matchbox is doing a lot more realistic generic vehicles, but I decided to stick with licensed.  Please note I did not include a photo of the GHE-O Predator.  I could not find one to photograph. But it is included in the poll.

You will find photos of all below.




30 Replies to “Lamley Awards Poll: What was the Best Matchbox Licensed New Model in 2017?”

  1. No photo of Camaro convertible?

    Anyway, this is difficult for me as all of them are equally good. I’m not surprised by seeing the variety (usual Matchbox business) however, the lack of sports cars is a bummer imo. Anyway, I’m voting for the G63 6×6 but there’s a good chance my mind could change tomorrow.

  2. This year I’ve been able to get some 2017 MBX cars (including the new Impreza, MB 6×6, Hudson, 500X and Golf), but the distribution is still very bad. So my vote goes to the Hudson Hornet police car, it’s a beautiful little police toy car! The Golf it’s the closed second for me. The Junior, i3 and Camaro are awsome too.

    The disapponiting model is definitely the Subaru Impreza police car, very bad done in my opinion :/

    Honorable mention for the Glass King and Speed trap, very nice MBX Original models.

  3. Nissan Junior…every detail, PERFECT.

    The Camaro was a close second for me…it got the muscle car stance just right.

    Never a tampo problem with Matchbox models, either…unlike the ones so many Hot Wheels have.


  4. I can’t pick a best they like the hotwheels was all in their own way cool again matchbox is really marking a good come back

  5. This is a difficult vote. There are only a few that I don’t want to vote for. It has been an incredibly good year for Matchbox.

    Besides the excellent choices of vehicles to license, and apart from the great execution of said models by the team, there are some other reasons to vote for some of them specifically:

    Tacoma and Brookwood (but especially Tacoma): the excellent added play value of removable pieces.
    Chevy Van (and, to a lesser extent, the VW Golf): the excitement of hunting for two versions of the casting.
    AMG 6×6: the significance of the return of the Mercedes-Benz license.
    VW Golf: the willingness of the team to tweak the paint in order to make it a perfect match with the original.
    Datsun 510: best application of detail on a factory deco I’ve ever seen for a $1 model.

  6. Well for me it’s the Jeep. Nailed the cast and those new wheels really do it justice. Bought multiples for wheel swaps.
    Big surprise on the Mercedes vote, it’s so out of scale and small it’s terrible to me. I would be very happy if matchbox trashed the mold and made a bigger one.
    Will not buy one again no matter the deco or premium package it may come in.
    Maybe Hot wheels should do one,look at the new land Rover, they seem to know how to do it.

  7. I have admitted many times to being a JDM fanboy. I have been since Super Street magazine was just getting big.
    But I had to vote for the Golf.

    The 510 is interesting, but honestly I don’t care for the roof rack. I was excited to find one anyway, but when I saw it in person I was extremely disappointed. It’ll get my vote if that is a poll for MBX too. The lack of side tampos is what really hurts it for me. But the lack of roof tampos will ruin it when they put them on the side.

    The proportions of the Junior don’t look right to my eyes. It’s narrow but the wheels are so big and fat, it just looks awkward. It doesn’t help that I have a beautiful 1:43 version to compare it to.

    I can’t with good conscience vote for anything without an interior. The wagon would be fantastic with a full roof and interior. I understand they can’t use much metal anymore, and I appreciate them still doing some interesting castings, but it just feels too cheap.

    I’m disappointed with this year’s selection but I am hopeful there will be better choices in the future.

    1. I’m with you 100% concerning not voting for something without an interior. I understand the reasons why it had to happen, but a model with solid black windows will never get my vote. I also see what you mean with the Nissan Junior. I still love the model, but it does seem a little off.

  8. I’m going with the Chevy Camaro Convertible. The proportions seem just right despite the very narrow and intricate grill that they managed to perfect. Not to mention the front and rear detailing, side mirrors, and the tinted 5 spoke wheels. To me, this car seems very underappreciated and I can clearly see that in the polls. It’s one of the least favored castings of the year. Maybe it’s because there’s so many Camaros out there that people are getting sick and tired of them. But hey, it’s much better than the Hot Wheels version by a long shot!

    Like someone else mentioned, the Datsun was exciting at first but disappointing in person due to the lack of side detailing since all of it is on the roof, hood, and a little of the trunk. I don’t like the fact that it also sacrifices front and rear detailing. I mean, at least do the taillights! It would’ve looked so much better. But I will give it this, the two wheel variations added to the fun factor and I did manage to find the dish wheeled version and it looks so much better than those dorky six spoke ones!

    By the way, if you make a poll for MBX Originals, my vote would be for the Speed Trapper. I think it’s a neat little rig, even if it is a pegwarmer! There’s lot of detail on it and the fact you can actually hitch it to another vehicle adding to the play value for the kids or display.

    1. Connor great points. The Camaro is one of the best done if not the best. Your point on Speed Trapper shows your appreciation for realistic models. Some will find this a waste but it’s not really a collection piece IMO. This piece is great for guys who like to display their diecast via dioramas. I once found an arrow tow along sign by I think it was Matsato that made it. I’m not a collector of that brand but I picked it and the dump truck that went with it up. The dump I swapped out the wheels with older MBX wheels and added an amber light bar and they are great when displayed even though their not a major brand.

  9. I honestly love all of them but unfortunately haven’t found the Datsun rally. I picked the Chevy Van but the 6×6 was probably the best. Just felt the Chevy needed the respect cause the 6×6 was gonna get it’s due. I have to agree with whoever said MBs line up was better than HWs. BTW aren’t you leaving one out? Am I wrong wasn’t the Chrysler 300 in this years licensed models? The HH was also a instant classic. Really a pretty broad range of variety congrats to MB on a great comeback! Here’s hoping that they keep it going and I am so looking forward to the 2018s. Wish HWs would go back to how they used to put out awesome FEs! Also enjoyed collecting HWs when they put out the FEs with it posted on the packages, was so much more fun hunting and easier to find the ones you really wanted.

  10. Sorry but I have to comment on the fact that there are still so many that can not get their hands on MBX. Considering there will still be plenty that sit. Not because their not selling but because I think collectors of MBX tend not to hoard or scalp this brand. MBX was an international brand way back when. I see collection of MBX from around the world on the internet that some of whom can no longer get them since Mattel bought the brand. This sucks because this is a hobby that is dwindling. Some lost interest in the brand at the end of Tyco’s run. But now I think these collection would love these models. I feel it’s a great disservice to the collector and a serious lack of respect to the legacy of the brand. They finally bring the brand back from the brink of extinction only to fail the collector. It’s obvious the design team is working extremely hard to bring this brand back to the top. For Mattel to hold it back is truly a lack of commitment to the brand IMO. I mean come on just by the comments here you can hear the enthusiasm and the disappointment. Enthusiastic for direction they are taking the brand and the frustration of not being able to get them, it’s a dam shame. I feel bad for the people that can’t get these and have to pay inflated prices on a secondary market for them. Mattel should be ashamed!

    1. Ok enough already I know some of u can not find new matchbox,and do not want to pay eBay prices. But of the 14 cars listed minus some variation models I’ve seen all fourteen in stores around here in the last two weeks. If you want hard to get cars reach out to people like those posting here and ask hey can u get me some. My fellow collectors and I here in town do it all the time. I would have no problem picking up something for someone while I am out and sending it out for cost. It is more fun to share the hobby than sitting at home.

  11. It`s a tough pick, but my vote goes to the Golf Country. Great execution, perfect colors, very balanced proportions. It almost looks like the real car. I hope that this year will bring us the same variety of wonderful models from Matchbox.

  12. Wow. I have several of these. I have the 510, camaro, and Golf Country in front of me at my desk. The Brookwood is sitting in front of a lighthouse knicknack of my wife’s at home. Hudson and Van are at home as well. All have had some paint detailing to add to them. The 510 I did at work with Sharpies in my spare time. A little silver and black, plus the taillights and it reeally becomes a whole new, better model. Did buy the Fiat 500 but gave to daughter to give to a friend who bought the exact real car. The others are nice but just don’t fit into my interests and ability to display them somewhere. At this point, every new car has to displace something, darnit. got to get more displays. I voted for the Brookwood because WAGON.

  13. Just like with Hot Wheels, my choice here is in the minority. I picked the BMW i3. With the exception of the inappropriate width of the tires (which can be remedied by displaying the car from the side), this casting is just perfect. Front and rear tampo, plus the blue accent stripe on the side (!!) makes for a great look, and I love how well they captured the unique interior as well. Close contenders were the Hudson, Gladiator, and Camaro.

  14. I liked the Gladiator the best. I thought it was closest to 1/64 scale. Also like the Camaro convertible, but it’s too narrow.

  15. Hands-down, the Hudson is too-cool-for-school, so that gets it for me. The Chevy wagon is the next most-interesting model, both because of the canoe, & the way they did it (thankfully it wasn’t all a single casting). With the fewer number of MB on the pegs with the smaller 24-count cases, I hope MB notes the degree the smaller cases account for whatever less there is in sales – it would be a shame for that to end up as a ongoing downward-spiral with ever-shrinking case-counts.

  16. I don’t have it in my collection, since I don’t think it is an attractive car, but the BMW to me seems like the nicest model Matchbox has in that lineup – just a quick glance and I’d think I was looking at the real car – REAL sharp casting, excellent tampos, just very, very nice all around. And not going in my very small collection:)

  17. My vote goes to the BMW i3. It is just so perfectly executed. From the distinctive beltline to the headlight and taillight tampos to the iconic turquoise rocker panel stripe. Looks like a scaled down version of the real thing.

    The VW Golf County comes in a close second. Again, it looks so perfectly scaled down from the real car. All the details are there; the ride height, the wheel choice, the perfect shade of Montana Green paint and the addition of the rear-mounted spare and front grill guard to finish it off. The headlights and taillights would have been a nice addition.

    The Subaru WRX is the one I was probably most excited for, and the Battenburg livery is great, but I feel the proportions of the car are a bit off, somewhat stunted in length and perhaps too tall as well as riding too high.

    The Fiat 500X is well executed, but lets be honest, a bit dull.

    The Jeep Gladiator is excellent, I can appreciate that, but I’m not a Jeep kinda guy.

    The Mercedes 6×6 is a great idea and the details are done well, but due to limitations in scale, this model just comes out way to narrow and small overall.

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