The first three Hot Wheels Target Red Editions of 2018 are now out.

Hit your Targets.  The Red Editions are back.

Target’s foray into the store exclusives in 2017 with the Red Editions was most welcome, and most successful.  12 models were released over the year, and several, including the ’55 Gasser and Kool Kombi, became some of the most sought-after models of the year.

It all begins again in 2018.  The first three have just been released, and I just came across them at a local Target:


It is a very nice start.  Like last year styles, there is a bright red model, a more burgundy model, and a white with red trim.  I am quite fond of all three.

I picked up a set plus an extra VW and Acura for the model collection.  Good luck in your hunt.

8 Replies to “The first three Hot Wheels Target Red Editions of 2018 are now out.”

    1. I can’t speak to the specific shade of red, as I don’t have the Target one in hand, but the mainline release had PR5 wheels. That looks to be the only difference to my eye.

  1. As Lucky said, the NSX looks too much like the mainline debut…if they absolutely had to use the NSX casting for the Red Edition, they should have added some stripes or something. I’ll pass on the Skyjacker, as I always do, but the Kaferacer looks awesome in that color…definitely have to pick that one up if I can find it. I was never able to score the Gasser OR the Kool Kombi, so it’s possible this will be the same.

  2. The mainline NSX has a black wing. Then Target NSX has a red wing…..and different wheels…..and the shade of red is slightly different.

    1. The raised wing only comes in black/carbon color, not installed on standard real nsx, if I remember correctly. So the mainline’s black modified wing is the real accurate style. As far as wheels, minor details, looks like Datsun 620 wheels. That being said, I’ll still pick one up if found one, not multiples.

  3. Finally some red editions that are desirable. I’ll take that NSX and Kafer Racer please! I have a feeling these are going to be very hard to find.

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