Oh yeah, there are Hot Wheels TRU exclusives out right now as well.

As I posted the heads up that the new Target Red Editions were out, I remembered that I forgot to mention TRU has its own trio of Hot Wheels exclusives out as well.

I came across them last week mixed in with the 2018 C Case:


Unlike the Target Red Editions and Walmart Zamacs, the TRU exclusives don’t carry a theme, they are just exclusive colors.  For one, that means you have to know what to look for.  We have seen the Bone Shaker in blue, and the Lotus and Lambo haven’t been seen anywhere else.  Plus, Hot Wheels will let us know.

For me, keeping a theme on the exclusives is the way to go, at least in my opinion.  I have collected every Walmart Zamac and Target Red Edition released so far, only because they share a theme, and look great together.  There are obviously a slew of castings in each of those sets I would not typically collect, so I like that too.

Just doing exclusive colors like Kmart and TRU means I will only grab the models I collect.  I am thrilled they exist, but I am guessing TRU would be more thrilled if I picked them all up.

Nonetheless, all three of these models are great, and are at TRU right now.

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  1. Esprit looking very nice in that colour, and with those wheels! Wish it wasn’t a store exclusive and just a standard version.

    1. I’m with you BlackWind. I do love this Lotus Esprit. I have the earlier releases in white, red and yellow and would love to add this beautiful blue to my collection. Unfortunately, Toys R Us is behind Target here in being the worst place to score (licensed) Hot Wheels. I believe there are collectors here that have Toys R Us hold cases for them and then pick out all the good stuff to buy up, leaving all the unlicensed “junk” to go on the pegs. It’s pretty rare to find a licensed model on the pegs at my local TRU.

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