Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels Cars & Donuts Custom Datsun 240Z

#lamleydaily – December 13, 2017


Model: Hot Wheels Custom Datsun 240Z

Line: 2017 Car Culture Cars & Donuts

Where to get it: Hitting stores now.

Why it’s in the collection:  The FuguZ is definitely a modern take on the iconic Z silhouette.  And based on the attention Sung Kang’s project car received, it makes sense that it went Hot Wheels.

And I, along with most of you, was quite happy with the basic release.  And now we have a premium version.  Metal chassis replaces the plastic.  Pearl white replaces the plain white.  And 4-spoke Real Riders replace the MC5 plastic wheels.  It is purely an upgrade.

And that means a beautiful, simple, premium model.  I’m always in on beautiful, simple, premium models.

The cool thing?  This is the second beautiful, simple, premium white 240Z Hot Wheels released within a couple of months together.  Matched with the 2017 LA Convention Dinner model makes for an amazing pair.


4 Replies to “Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels Cars & Donuts Custom Datsun 240Z”

  1. I know there have been some gripes that the Car Culture model is essentially the same as the mainline release, but I really don’t mind. It’s nice to get the full premium treatment of a mainline that really had a perfect deco to begin with. I’ll certainly be happy to take this one home if/when I find it.

  2. I think that Mattel must think we are simple, releasing a premium model that is not much different from an earlier mainline release is just lazy and condescending to collectors. If you must include it as a premium model then make it so there is a marked difference between the two, a metal base and a wheel change and a pearlescent white as opposed to gloss white is not enough, not for me anyway. How many people work in the Mattel marketing department and do they show these to any focus groups or collectors ? It’s like the two red Matchbox Porsche 914, hardly any difference whatsoever between the two to warrant buying the two unless you are a completeist, or a Porsche collector. Rant over, Merry Christmas everybody !

  3. If a premium looks much like a tastefully done mainline, then I don’t mind. Dark metallic green, as in the upcoming Laurel, would have been nice on this car. As far as castings go, I like the FuguZ better. It’s got the right size, proportions, and stance. One of my all time favorites from the last 15-20 years.

  4. Cars and Donuts is hitting! I found the Alfa and the M1 Procar today. Gorgeous models, although the lack of front and rear tampos is a letdown. HW can put tampos on some $1 models, but it is not standard on their premium collector cars costing more than 3x? It is not the standard and it needs to be.

    I haven’t yet seen the others, including this Z. When I see the Z in the store, I’m going to pass on it. To me there is no comparison between those two models, the C&D and the Convention 240z. Even on my screen, the C&D version just looks like it has plastic wheels (although same size is nice), and while I’m glad there is a rear tampo, I will be waiting for a Z car that doesn’t have modded body panels, fender flares, etc. This one will be great for lot of people’s collections, but its just not for me. If it had the same type of wheels as the Alfa, I’d snag it immediately, but the wheel choice on this one just blends in with the rest of the car. For sure going to keep my eyes out for the WRX!

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