Mattel, the padded envelopes aren’t working.

I remember a few years ago buying a model off of ebay, and being a tad surprised to see the model arrive in a yellow envelope.  Not padded, just an envelope.  I was of course a little miffed, but let it slide for two reasons.  One, I was going to open the model anyway, and two, going back I saw the seller sold very few toy cars.  I did send the seller a note mentioning the problems that could occur with other buyers in the future if more packaged toys were sent in envelopes.

Ultimately it wasn’t a big deal.  This, however, is:

This is the latest offering from, the absolutely stunning ’70 Mustang Boss 302.  I have a video on it coming in a bit.  I bought two, for $20 each plus shipping.  They arrived in the envelope you see in the photo.  Sure, it’s padded, but it’s an envelope.

Thankfully the car wasn’t damaged.  The packaging is intact as well.  But that might just be luck.  Padding won’t keep these models from getting crushed during the shipping process, and clamshell protectors aren’t purposed just to protect models while shipping.

From what I have heard, I got lucky.  Several folks have opened their envelopes to find damaged models or packaging.  I open my cars, but many of you don’t.  Nonetheless, while freak accidents can occur out of anyone’s control, taking on this much risk with models this expensive isn’t cool.

My guess is whatever entity – could be an external shipping service – is in charge of shipping isn’t aware of how lame this is.  I also have to guess that Mattel is on this.  I know the folks who handle the RLC, and know they are trying hard to improve things, and would have never approved this.  And this has to be causing serious facepalming at Mattel.  It is a big company, and sometimes can suffer from one hand not knowing what the other hand is doing.

But I also think mentioning it is the right thing to do.  It is just another setback in a long frustrating run of RLC setbacks.

Please, make your comments.  I think the multitude of comments can be a good thing.  But PLEASE keep it respectful and constructive.  Personal attacks are more reflective of you the commenter, not the person you are attacking.  And I hate having that kind of “complain-y” environment here, but this issue should be addressed.

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  1. Same thing happened to me with the mail-in Chevy Convertible. I ordered 2 and one of them had the blister broken due to smashing… but like you mentioned, I was going to open one, so biggie. I do feel for those that spend big bucks just to received the item in unexpected conditions. The other issue is the returns. I don’t believe RLC accept returns, but then I might be wrong…

  2. Years ago I received mail in models from Mattel on the MB side. They also wee in padded envelopes. So this is an ongoing item.

    1. Same here. I ordered 3 back when they were offering free shipping so I had no idea they were shipping them in envelopes.

      I would also like to say I was bowled over by how fast they arrived. It was less than 4 days from ordering. I was quite pleased with this transaction.

      I feel bad for everyone whose got smashed. It is a spectacular piece, hopefully no cars got damaged.

  3. Let’s try and focus on what’s important: what a spectacular model!! The pictures don’t do it justice in the hand and in the light.

  4. I got some carded cars recently from an E-Bay seller in an envelope, and went “WTF?”, but they were ok- this was also from a seller that didn’t deal just in diecast, so I didn’t mind, but still…

  5. Let’s focus on the point of this post and declare this situation important. It was mentioned that a video was soon to come spotlighting the quality peice.
    I’ll share with you an example I wrote about concerning my situation in a respectable, fairly brief statement:

    “I ordered two of the Special Edition ’70 Mustang Boss 302 RLC cars. I was not expecting to have the items shipped in a bag, when I am used to purchasing and receiving past orders shipped in protective cardboard boxes. The clamshell protectors were pretty much unscathed; there was a minute dent in a corner of the bubble of one, but popped out with a little trace of deformity and some scuffs also on the clamshell protectors’ surface.
    I used to received the packs shipped in cardboard in awesome condition so I am not so optimistic for future purchases if this is the new norm. I am aware of folks having received their shipments with damage and though I feel lucky.. I also feel the odds are against me next time around.

    I am officially giving you my feedback that I do not want to have my valuable items shipped in a bag not impervious to damage and harm. I don’t know how you handle a case if it comes down to replace even the protecto pack if it becomes damaged, so I firmly believe you are taking chances shipping your products in this manner. What was also puzzling was that I had no idea what the contents were based on the shipping label – I always expect my purchase in a sturdy cardboard box with a clear i.d. of shipping origin. It seems corporations & companies these days want to make cuts where applicable, but I paid $19.99 per vehicle and an obvious handing fee to have it shipped out and have it arrive safe. When you mail your product to a loyal customer you want them to be satisfied and as of now, I’m not very satisfied. I plan on making future purchases because I plan on being that loyal customer who wants a quality product in hopes of receiving it in a safe and secure condition.

    I really hope the envelope used for my mailing was temporary and that other shipments down the road are shipped out in the tried and true cardboard box.

    Thank you very much for your time and consideration!”

    Some may or may not agree with it, as there are always some who disagree, but it helps if the company receive as much feedback as possible. Sorry for the long words.

  6. my datsun came in an envelope but the mustang came in an over sized box…if a seller from e-bay or TTP sends in an envelope they’re receiving a bad FB…

  7. Great model for sure but I don’t chase anything that is over priced. Just me to each their own.

    If I did however Mattel would hear from me quick. I’m not sure they still put a phone number on the back of the cards but I’m willing to get the number is still active. If anyone needs it post here I’ll dig it up and post it here.

    I tend to not deal with these for many reasons. I honestly believe these only encourage scalping and I will not support that. Don’t get me wrong their great models but I’m willing to bet these end up on eBay at a considerable mark up.

    Enjoy and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. Please be safe!

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