The Black Friday Sale at Wheel Collectors has begun.

Yesterday I posted this on Instagram:

Soon after I got a call from Matt at Wheel Collectors to A) tell me there are a few models he would pick first, and B) tell me that he just listed a few of the legendary Boulevard 510 Wagons for the Black Friday Sale at Wheel Collectors.


It’s time folks.  Deals galore in the diecast world, and Wheel Collectors always jumps in.  Starting yesterday through Monday, they put up another batch of Boulevard gold, along with a whole slew of other deals.  You just have to scroll through and snag what you want.  Wheel Collectors was smart when they over ordered on 2013 Boulevard several years ago, but that stash is next to depleted.  Now is the time:

Black Friday Sale at Wheel Collectors

And keep looking, because more is coming, including 2017 Factory Set models, and other goodies.  I will keep linking if I see something interesting, but considering how fast these things go, I would keep checking back yourself.

Have fun!

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