Here is a tease at the 2018 Matchbox A & B Assortments

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Like many of you, I’m visiting family.  For me, that means a few days in the heat of Arizona.  90 degrees on Thanksgiving.  Doesn’t seem right, but oh well.

Knowning I’d be out for awhile, I put together a few videos for you viewing pleasure.  One involves the worst model drop on video so far.  Listening to this rare model clank on its way down will make you cringe.  But first, a little teaser on what to expect in Matchbox 2018 A & B Assortments.

The video explains that 2018 Batch A is already in stores.  More on that in a future write-up.  With that, Batch B will be the first with new models.  I will have photos posted as soon as I am home.  C & D Teasers coming later this week.

Thanks for your patience on the slow release of features while I enjoy the holiday, and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

9 Replies to “Here is a tease at the 2018 Matchbox A & B Assortments”

  1. I had to laugh to myself when the “sapphire chase models” were mentioned in the vid. Why? Because EVERY licensed Matchbox casting is pretty much a chase model for me…as in, I’m lucky to find them. Ever. I remain incredibly frustrated that the only way I can get my hands on the more desirable Matchbox models is to surreptitiously break into cases that haven’t been pegged yet. I don’t WANT to be that guy, but it’s the only way to get these models!!!! I wouldn’t have the superb Polestar Blue Volvo V60 or the new Datsun 510 if I hadn’t done that. And even still, the only way I know models like the Mazda Miata and the Golf Country exist is from the pictures and video of them. They’re out there in world somewhere, but not in my collection. This is INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING. The proportion of licensed to unlicensed models in each mix is still out whack, even if it’s gotten a little better. Matchbox, are you listening?!

    Negativity aside, the Golf and Austin Mini Van are the most exciting models here for me, even if they’re older castings. The Colorado is cool too. Who knows how many I’ll be able to find though.

  2. Don’t understand your thinly veiled disdain for unlicensed models. Many are very well designed, detailed and realistic. They were designed by a designer just like licensed models. The only difference is a 1:1 was never made.

    1. Think you just answered your own question there. The lack of enthusiasm is precisely because it doesn’t replicate a real car.

    2. There are a lot of unlicensed models I like, including the Scraper and Hazard Squad. Most just don’t interest me that much. It doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the work put into them, I just don’t collect them.

  3. I do love Matchbox. HOWEVER, my biggest complaint is demonstrated perfectly in that last pairing. Every model has to be scaled to fit the wheels. Therefore the Beetle is same size as the Chevy truck. But I’ll still buy them. Just have to be careful with displaying things.

  4. Great stuff and much appreciated. I will say one thing I am not thrilled with and that is the hook on the Beetle. The new hook is kind of thick and not deep so I can imagine towing things (yes I get the irony) such as the new boat trailer coming in 18 will not go quite as well. Also the 3/4 windows on the previous version have a better shape. I will still buy the blue but I am not loving the update. I would gladly pay more to retain some of the sharper details. Ok ok one more thing. How much more would it cost to paint just the front lights on the Mini Van? I am loving the direction Matchbox is going but I really want that sharpness even at a cost. 1.50 per model? NO PROBLEM! It is 2017 after all.

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