The week of deals begins. Let’s start with Tarmac Works & Premium Chases at SURPLUSgoodies.

Black Friday is a thing, even in the diecast world.  Many of you like to get out on the Friday after Thanksgiving to see what Super TH delectables Santa has left on the pegs, but there are a lot more deals online.

So throughout the week, as we have done the last few years, be ready to deals to drop, with plenty of links here on Lamley.  Everything from new Hot Wheels to other Chase models to storage and display options and so on and so on.  Culminating of course with the big Japan Booster Damaged Box Sale, which many of you use to grab the Tomica Limited Vintage you have been after.  So pay attention here, and on the Lamley Facebook and Instagram feeds for details as they emerge.

And we will start with our friends at SURPLUSgoodies.  Last night they listed a slew of Auto World, Greenlight, and Johnny Lightning Chase models, including the fantastic Lead Sled Ultra Red from Auto World and M2 Skyline Chase.

There is a lot of cool stuff, so mark those you are interested in winning.

Also, here is a little secret.  SURPLUSgoodies is the only official Tarmac Works seller in the US, and they list all models at $19.95.  Those of you have some TW know that is a very nice price, but just so you know, if you submit a “Best Offer” of $18, they will accept.  That is a very nice price indeed.  And right now, the Tarmac Works listings are loaded:

Tarmac Works at SURPLUSgoodies

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