Check out this Mustang Mach 1 duo from Auto World

2017 Release 4 will be here soon, and while the previews are done, I had to show off this beautiful pair of Mustangs.

The ’71 Mach 1 doesn’t get the same amount of love that other Mustangs do, but Auto World shows why it should.  It may not be as sleek or as cool as other incarnations of the Mustang, but it is surely one of its most unique silhouettes.

I personally love early 70’s muscle (see: Torino), and love the turns that icons like the Camaro and Mustang took when they entered that decade.  The Mach 1 especially celebrates that 70’s look with its long body and big blocky rear.  You can see the lines is other cars, not only in the US, but across both oceans as well.

And when you consider the list of castings Auto World has done, this Mach 1 is no surprise.  It sticks out.  Auto World has already done a few colors of this model, but it has been awhile.  So it is nice to see it back in 2017.  This pair is exactly why I am such a huge fan of Auto World.

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  1. Must. Have. Green one – I don’t care for black cars in this scale. This is as good as many of the 1/25 plastic kit offereings of same car. THe beauty of it is I can have a replica that takes up way less space than the plasic kits I built over the years. I’m slowly replacing the 1/25 – 1/18 cars I have with 1/64s as I can.

    1. One thing I noticed about black cars in 1/64 scale .. unless they have a generous amount of detail or bright colorful graphics, or plan on viewing them under super bright light.. they are hard to look at, if that makes sense.

  2. They released an emerald green 71 Mustang last year which is possibly the best 1/64 scale 71 Mustangs ever done. These appear to be repaints of that casting. May get that lighter green one as well.

  3. I wish Auto World could do a Boss 351 version.
    Auto World is the only Diecast maker I have seen that was able to do the NASA hood scoops right.

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