Lamley Daily (Preview Edition): 2017 Hot Wheels Car Culture Cars & Donuts “Bugeye” Subura Impreza WRX

#lamleydaily – November 7, 2017


Model: Hot Wheels Subaru Impreza WRX

Line: 2017 Car Culture Cars & Donuts Assortment

Where to get it: Coming to a hobby dealer and big box store near you later this month

Why it (will be) in the collection: Occasionally I will use the Lamley Daily for a preview.  This is one of those times, especially when the model being previewed is an absolute no-brainer for the Lamley Collection.

As I mentioned in the Car Culture Cars & Donuts preview, the Hot Wheels Team allowed me to spend a good deal of time with three of the upcoming Car Culture assortments, including the amazing Japan Historics 2.  JH2 is going to be epic to be sure, and the RLC Bundle will be wildly popular as well.  But I was surprised how much I kept going back to the Bugeye.


I will make it very clear.  I am IN LOVE with this casting.  I am IN LOVE with this version.  Not because I am the biggest Subaru fan, or a professed WRX fanboy.  I do have a Subaru in the garage, and I do love it.  But this casting is up there as one of my faves of 2017 for many many reasons.

For one, it is just beautifully executed.  No matter what model it is, something done this well is an automatic addition.  It isn’t just in the details, but in its proportions.  The WRX is not a big car, and this model looks the part.  Add to that the Thailand-plant precision of the rear and side graphics, and the separate headlights that are part of the window piece.

Second, it’s blue.  With gold rims.  Nothing else needs to be said about that.

Third, and most importantly, it’s the Bugeye!!  It’s these little “engine that could” castings that always strike my fancy.  Could have been the 22B, and maybe it should have.  The 22B is an icon, and most certainly deserves to be a Hot Wheels.  It could have been the newest WRX.  But its the Bugeye, named for its insect-like headlights.  The one that elicits a strong response from the Subie fans, good or bad.  It is beloved to some, hated by others.  But it gets noticed.


So maybe a little bit of a left-field pick, but that’s the point.  Such a gem.  Who knows, if Car Culture continues, a 22B might emerge.  What a pair that would be.

For now, I will happily take the Bugeye.  Look for it with Cars & Donuts later this month.

13 Replies to “Lamley Daily (Preview Edition): 2017 Hot Wheels Car Culture Cars & Donuts “Bugeye” Subura Impreza WRX”

  1. They got the shape and look right but its missing the subaru oval in the front intake, if they could do it on the older cheaper castings why not this one?! Though that aside I’ll happily take it, I just hope they eventually release it in 2001 WRC rally livery or even better create a WRC segment for the car culture line akin to the world rally set from 2004.

  2. I think the only haters will be those who strongly dislike Subies, racerboys, or the non Original Hotwheel Proportions.(big rear wheels and distorted toonish design)
    This is proportionally correct, official looking colors for this release (imagine, all thats needed for the second release or mainline release will be WRC graphics!)
    I love the designs that take on a realistic bent. Early Hot Wheels attempted to capture the Hot Rodding So Cal Culture. They looked all the part with shiny paint and aftermarket style wheels. Modern cars are harder to *Hot Rod* in that particular fashion without looking silly.
    By keeping proportions correct, and offering todays take on Auto-enthusiasm designs in modding, Hot Wheels can effectively keep up with the real life enthusiasts. Imho.

  3. I was never a huge fan of the 1:1 version of this car (I think because of those damn headlights) but this looks really good. They caught the proportions well, and I’m glad they did the classic gold wheels too. This might be the model I’m least excited for in the Cars & Donuts set, the rest of them are some seriously killer castings. Very excited.

  4. I am in love with this model and I don’t even have it in hand!! They got the proportions and the stance spot on! Can’t wait to get this one.

    And please please please do a Subaru Impreza WRX comparison showcase of all the Imprezas from both HW and MBX. Saturday Showcase maybe?

  5. Man oh man. So beautiful. This is up there in that “Should of been A Matchbox” category. This will be an all-timer if you ask me. Perfectly executed! Maybe a top 15 in my books. Possibly my favorite Car Culture yet. Yeah, major fanboy of this thing. NOTE- I do not love Subarus. Not one of those.

  6. You know the guys at Mattel have done their homework when you really like the casting of a car while you’re not a fanboy of the real thing.

  7. Is it bad that I $uper want this on the mainline? Preferably with the Subaru WRC livery of the car that Richard Burns won the WRC in 2001 with.

  8. I will be looking to add this to my collection as well. Would also love to see it with the Subaru Rally Team graphics.

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