Lamley Exclusive: The Hot Wheels Team previews Car Culture Cars & Donuts

This was a treat.  At last month’s Hot Wheels Convention, Jimmy Liu from Hot Wheels Marketing and Julian Koiles from Packaging Design (yeah, the guy who does the Car Culture art) sat down with me and did three Car Culture preview videos.

Instead of me just saying how cool these models are, we are now getting all the info from the folks behind Hot Wheels’ super popular premium series.  This is the first preview, on the upcoming Cars & Donuts assortment due this month.  A little later this year I will post the RLC Car Culture Bundle Preview and 2018 Japan Historics 2.

IMG_8127And yes, I got some time to photograph many of these models as well.  Look for photo previews of the two new models in Cars & Donuts along with the FuguZ later this week.



Many thanks to the Hot Wheels Team.  Enjoy the video:


3 Replies to “Lamley Exclusive: The Hot Wheels Team previews Car Culture Cars & Donuts”

  1. About that RLC Car Culture Bundle Preview, is that different from the sixth and final 2017 Car Culture segment where each model is the sixth model of the five previous segments? I didn’t think it was RLC line per se.

  2. Great assortment! The current Car Culture Modern Classics has just hit my Target (nothing at Walmart), so it may be a while before I see this new set. My favorites here are the Alfa, BMW and Subaru. I do wish we would have gotten full front and rear decos on the M1 however. The Fugu Z, while exciting as a mainline isn’t doing anything for me here. It’s just far too similar to what we already have. It’s a shame they couldn’t have dressed it up a bit more with a front tampo and I would have like to see all-black wheels (no chrome rim). The McLaren, while a beautiful car, I can’t say I car for this deco or that it feels that different or special from any number of P1’s I already own.

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