Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels RLC Membership ’55 Chevy Bel Air Gassers

#lamleydaily – October 29, 2017


Model: Hot Wheels ’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser

Line: 2015?  2016?  2017? RLC Membership Models

Where to get them: You needed to join the RLC who knows how long ago to qualify for these, so eBay or other shops are the only way.

Why they are in the collection: Well, because I joined the RLC as a Chrome Member whenever the last window was open.  The RLC has gone through so many issues since then I can’t even remember when that was.  Thankfully a new membership window for 2018 will open soon.

But there will not be a Chrome Membership this time.  In years past, the Chrome Membership allowed the member to receive all three Membership Models, in this case the three Gassers.  Memberships after that were based on how early they were received. I explained it in last weekend’s Saturday Showcase:

For 2018, there will only be one model, the Datsun 510 in olive, which is probably the better idea.  That leaves two more SKU’s for other RLC models.  Just a little more variety.

But I am not complaining about these.  The Gasser is gorgeous, and these three are far better out of the package.  So the other reason these are in the collection is because they are ’55 Gassers, and I am committed to adding every one to the collection.

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  1. i was so glad mattel didn’t put that crappy chrome interior on this release in fact mattel should never NEVER ! put a chrome interior on any car no , car in the world has a chrome interior…

  2. Great site for someone just getting started like me. I haven’t been able to find any information on the 2018 RLC, except what you have posted here. 2 questions- 1. Will they be replacing the chrome membership with another type of membership? Or will they only have the basic membership for 2018? 2. When do you expect 2018 memberships to be available? Thanks!

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