Majorette jumps into the Bentley Continental GT game with the V8 S…

On Monday a package arrived.

Lots of names and logos on that tape, but there is one that counts for this post – Majorette.  Inside was a pleasant little sight.

I have been very excited to get this box, because it is full of very elusive Majorette diecast cars.  At least elusive here in the US.  Many of you in Europe, South America, and Asia all have easy access to these beauties.  I’m jealous.

Majorette was nice enough to send a few other to preview for you here on the blog, and I think they are well aware there will be a few people out there wondering if they will ever return to the US.  I surely am asking that question, since I already have a few on the collection.  And after seeing the offerings they sent over this week, and request is even that more intense.  Come to the US, Majorette!  We have a place for you.

So over the next few days, along with all the other coverage we have planned to do, I will preview a few of these new Majorettes.  Most are just hitting the stores or will hit soon.  And if you are lucky enough to encounter them, you will probably pick them up.

So we start with the Bentley.  More specifically, the Bentley Continental GT V8 S.  This will be the fourth Bentley Continental GT in my collection, after the Matchbox, Hot Wheels Supersports, and GT3 from Kyosho.  Removing the Kyosho, the V8 S will fit perfectly in with the white releases of the Matchbox and Hot Wheels models, and of course I see a post coming.

The Continental is part of the Majorette Premium Series.  I can get into it more later, but the Premium lines contain models that have shocks and usually some sort of opening part.  There are other lines, like Racing, which may or may not have those features, but they do have full tampo prints.  I actually have a few of both types to show.

But back to the Bentley.  The consensus among many of our new-to-Majorette readers – and that includes me – is that the body detail, shocks, plastic headlights and opening parts are major plus for Majorette.  So is the model selection.  Almost exclusively current licensed cars, almost all with full tampo detail.  While Matchbox and Hot Wheels do a lot of current cars, Majorette can fill a gap with their current cars, not to mention brands that readers here are not too familiar with, like Citroen.  It makes for a nice fit, especially seeing the bouncy Bentley next to a few of my orange and blue branded models that were lying around.

On the other side, many of you have mentioned some displeasure with wheels.  I’m with you for the most part.  The wheels could be definitely be better, but they don’t take too much away.  Plus there are some better Majorette wheels coming, like what has been found on the brand new Alfa 4C.  We will just have to watch and see.

I have said several times that collecting 1/64 diecast has never been better.  Hot Wheels is churning out a fantastic variety of stuff, premium and basic.  Matchbox is the middle of a major resurgence.  M2, Auto World, and Greenlight have American premium covered.  Maisto/Bburago is taking Ferrari seriously.  And there is a whole world of Japanese diecast that can be overwhelming.  Thankfully we have Tomica, TLV, and Kyosho leading the pack.  And there is plenty more out there.

So it is nice to see Majorette running strong after some events that nearly killed the brand a few years ago (a story for another time).  Now here’s hoping they make it to the States…

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  1. My Alfa and Jeep Rubbicon allready arrive, but the most wanted are this bentley, the Mclaren 675 and Volkswagen Polo WRC from the driver Sebastian Ogier!!!!
    The UTV are ok but not on my top!

  2. They are not as available as we would like, Tesco does them, but they seem to do the same batch over and over, i will be going to France in a couple of months where i usually get my stock of cars, to add to my expanding collection, but where else can you get working suspension, opening parts all for £2.00, it makes Matchbox and Hot Wheels look over priced to be honet, especially now they are not putting interiors in some models and just having black Windows, CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP….

  3. Dear John, I'm happy to see that you are 'doing' Majorette on your blog, they deserve it. I live in Holland next to the German and Belgium border. But still I find Majorettes hard to find. It is getting better but slower then I want it to be. Here a Hot Wheels mainline costs 2 Euro. Depending on the packaging Majorettes go for 2 and 3 Euro. Considering that they are a bargain.
    I'm very exited to see witch models you are going to feature here and on instagram.
    On instagram you'l find mine at k.kees.

  4. It's awesome that you are bringing Majorette awareness back to today's collectors.

    Just an aside – in the paragraph where you state that “collecting 1/64 diecast has never been better”, it would be wise to mention other brands such as Welly, Schuco, Norev, etc. just to make American-centric collectors aware of their existence.
    Even if you do not collect them, they do offer good selection in the 3-inch/1:64 field, especially in European cars.

    Finally, I do look forward to seeing what else you will be showing from the box!

  5. My local Morrisons had a strip of newer ones for £1 each. They have sold a small limited range for a while now. I found the new, rear engined, Twingo and Chevrolet pickup. Some on sale were the same as those sold recently by Tesco but in a simpler blister pack. Those sold by Tesco came with a fold out chart and a bigger blister holding doors open etc to give a more premium look to the model. Chris

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