A Tale of Two: Mercedes-Benz AMG GT by Hot Wheels & Majorette

Alright, fine.  Because so many of you asked.  The Hot Wheels and Majorette Mercedes-Benz AMG-GT’s, together.  In peace and harmony.


I will post the pics, and you can do what you want.  It is always interesting to see the reactions.  Ultimately we all like what we like, so deciding definitely on which is better is a moot point.  Some of you will be shocked hear others say the Hot Wheels is better.  Others will wonder what some are looking at when they say the Majorette is better.  And of course a good handful of you will scour at me when I say I like both.


Which I do.  Hot Wheels and Majorette take two different approaches, and these models most surely fall into that.  Complaining that the Hot Wheels has no opening doors is the same today as complaining it doesn’t have a real engine.  So for me, if it comes down to execution, I think both are really well done.


Sure, the Majorette has a much cleaner tampo application, and the Hot Wheels has much better wheels and stance (even with those Y5’s).  And right now – a part of Majorette’s approach that I really like – there are far more Majorette releases, even with a Hot Wheels recolor coming soon.  Then again, long-time Hot Wheels collectors will prefer the size of the Hot Wheels, and the same can be said for long-time Majorette collectors.


So yeah, you can go back and forth.  So for good measure I threw in the release from UCC Coffee in Japan, which is one stunner of a premium model.  Put both next to that and you can see that there is no slouch among the three, especially when it comes to the silhouette.


I’m just happy all three are out there, especially with Majorette hitting the US soon.  It’s all good.  And rumor is it is going to get even better.




15 Replies to “A Tale of Two: Mercedes-Benz AMG GT by Hot Wheels & Majorette”

  1. I am sorry to say ,but you cannot compare hotwheels car with majorette.be honest,Majorette is way up ,in another class.all the details at majorette are far more refined.

  2. I like them both. I currently have the Majorette and UCC versions and I am really looking forward to add the Hot Wheels take to my collection.

  3. I maintain that you can’t compare the two based on quality (perceived or real) because of the different price points, but I will say the Hot Wheels holds its own better than I expected. The stance is better, the gray wheels look better, and honestly the proportions are not nearly as far off as others have said they are. And to top it off, Mattel got the shade of paint right. The Majorette’s lighter shade of paint is not correct when compared to the real car.

  4. In terms of size, would you say that both are the same size, or is the Hot Wheels version slightly smaller? Both are gorgeous, but I have to go with the Hot Wheels because of the metallic yellow and the more detailed lights.

  5. The reason why I like comparisons is that it helps me decide if I want to buy or not. I know the scales aren’t going to be the same but I want any potential new purchases to be slightly the same size as my collection which are mainly HW and MBX. However, no need to compare JADA with any other manufacturers. Those are the most hideously odd scales ever and I will not spend my money on them. Just look at the Mattel F&F 1:50ish cars. Those are peg warmers just taking up retail space.

  6. A better comparison would be between majorette and tomica since they are more or less on the same price range..compared to hw the majorette is more detailed with plastic headlights and back tampos.what i dont like about it is the plain base and odd choice of paint color in some of their models.

  7. Hot Wheels hands down, because I like to use them on the orange Hot Wheels track (as well as collect) and Majorette have horrible running wheels. The whirr of good running wheels on the track makes all the difference. For sure this makes my reasoning different to that of a full display collector…but I don’t mind being different.

  8. hi every body i am from algeria but i know waht is the best scales 1/64 and majorette do a nice job but the scales is wrong (1/60 1/62 1/59 1/61 ) and it’s a big problem for me . becose i cant bay it.

  9. As far as being a MODEL goes, there’s no contest, Majorette takes it. Spot on proportions and those headlights… HotWheels is a JOKE.

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