Lamley Daily: 2004 Hot Wheels Maserati Quattroporte

#lamleydaily – October 21, 2017


Model: Hot Wheels Maserati Quattroporte

Line: 2004 Basic Range – First Editions

Where to get it: A legendary peg warmer at the time, now eBay is the only option.

Why it’s in the collection: This is one of the greatest one-and-done castings from Hot Wheels.  This blue version is the only Maserati Quattroporte Hot Wheels ever did.  I have no idea why that is.  My guess is some licensing hiccup, although we did see the MC12 a couple of years later.  But this is the one and only Quattroporte.

It isn’t the most detailed model, but it does capture the Maserati, at least silhouette-wise.  It was a bit of a surprise back then to hit the mainline, and since it is the only release of the this casting, it is my opinion that most collection should house at least one.  There are a lot of cool cars in the Hot Wheels range these days, and the Quattroporte fits in perfectly.


5 Replies to “Lamley Daily: 2004 Hot Wheels Maserati Quattroporte”

  1. I have this one, too. It’s details are actually on the mark, as the real car is somewhat devoid of ornamentation. I think the Alfa Romeo B.A.T. was another great (Italian) one-and-done.

  2. I’m lucky to have this one, as it’s from before I really started collecting. It caught my eye then, and still does now, though I wish Hot Wheels had made it less lonely and done at least a couple more releases. It does have some company in my collection in the form of the MC12, but still.

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