Lamley Poll: What were the best Hot Wheels Target Red Edition Exclusives in 2017?

I love the store exclusives.  We have seen quite a few over the years, from many retail chains.  Right at this moment, here in the US you can find the Zamacs at Walmart, a handful of colors at Kroger stores, plan for the Kmart Collectors Event, one exclusive at Walgreens, some leftovers at TRU, and the Red Editions at Target.  That’s a lot.


Let’s focus on the Red Editions for a moment.  They debuted this year, and are most welcome.  The red theme works for obvious reasons, and so far the variety has been nice.  A nice cross-reference of models.  The hope is they continue into 2018, with even more models.

There could definitely be a few more, including some JDM.  So with that said, what models struck your fancy?  I thought I would do a poll, listing all 12 models, and let everyone pick two.  It might help give those that need to know what might make a great Red Edition next year.

So here is the poll, the models are listed and photographed below.


The 12 Target Red Editions (same order as the poll):


10 Replies to “Lamley Poll: What were the best Hot Wheels Target Red Edition Exclusives in 2017?”

  1. I think people are voting for the Gasser purely out of spite that its a Gasser. I personally think this one is ugly (maybe it might’ve looked better if the colors were reversed but in its current state its ugly). The Kool Kombi though, now that looks awesome! And so does the Charger Hellcat, which is probably the best release of the Hellcat so far.

    1. More likely that it’s simply a model that was in the most recent batch of exclusives, and it works better in the foreground because of how short it is. If picture placement sways how you vote, you’re probably not much of an enthusiast. But more importantly…who cares?

  2. To me they were all good one’s this year. And the 2 I voted for that are my favorites for this year are the 1955 Chevy Bel air Gasser and the Volkswagen kool kombi. I hope and pray that Target does the red edition car’s again next year thumbs up.

  3. I like both Firebirds, Nova, the ’55 is cool and a shout out to the Charger SRT because it looks clean with that cool paint and neat graphics!

  4. I voted for the Gasser as I truly think it looks pretty cool with those graphics. I wish I could have found one. Never found the Nova, ’77 Firebird or the ’14 Corvette Stingray. Haven’t found the Kombi either yet. Probably won’t. The Kombi is a model I just don’t understand the popularity of, though I won’t deny it’s popularity. I’d rather have a normal ’60s VW Camper Van. My second vote was for the Lincoln, though the hubs don’t look right on it.

  5. I go for the Stingray and the Gasser. Good thing I bought my ’14 Corvette Stingray RED edition from a local hobby shop which imports directly from the US. You won’t find those RED editions here where I live.

  6. I think I like the two Firebirds the best of all these…I’m a fan of those castings to begin with, and the paint is so crisp on the ’77 in particular, I think it gets my vote. Not sure if the focus on American cars was intentional in their choice of castings for this series, but I’m hoping to see some more Euro metal in coming assortments. The sheer variety present in the Walmart ZAMACs is something to strive for in my opinion.

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