Tomica Limited Vintage just released what might be its most loaded assortment ever.

I’m not even going to write that much about this.  I will let the photos speak for themselves.  And you need to get on this right now.

The September Assortment from Tomica Limited Vintage has just been released, and it’s loaded.  The highly-anticipated Le Mans winning Mazda 787B, the second color of the Nissan Atlas hauler, and three Datsun Bluebirds.  Oh, and two Gazelles you shouldn’t sleep on.

And they are all available right now at Japan Booster.


Go, go, go.  The first release of the Atlas Hauler goes for big money now, so grab this second color RIGHT NOW while it is relatively cheap.  Same goes with the 787B.  Like the Super Silhouettes, the prices will only go up.  Just grab what you want now, and take advantage of the FREE SHIPPING for orders of $50.


(September Assortment from Tomica Limited Vintage.)


7 Replies to “Tomica Limited Vintage just released what might be its most loaded assortment ever.”

  1. Mine will ship in the next couple of days. Hopefully, they will release other versions the 787B to maximize ROI on the tooling. Both are now out of stock at JB.

    1. Just curious. I don’t have any Kyoshos, and was wondering if they have a metal or plastic chassis. They look almost as nice as TLVs.

      1. Most have a plastic chassis. But it doesn’t matter to me. The detail is what I buy on not the materials. Some of the best models are made from plastic and resin.

        The TLV is great and I even like the removable sections but that price is astronomical for the model. At $20, maybe. Especially if I didn’t have the Kyosho. At $70++ I have to pass.

  2. I had pre-ordered an Atlas back in June, but I couldn’t resist getting another one. Plus I added a Tomica Premium model I didn’t have yet which will cost $3 if you factor in the free shipping it covered. Of course, buying a Premium in Japan is about $3-$4 but the plane ticket would cost a bit more than the shipping cost.

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