The Kmart Collector Days Hot Wheels 36-count cases are available online again.

A few years ago, the title of this post would have been “Hot Wheels Kmart Collector Days is this Saturday!  Get ready!”

Not anymore.

With Kmarts all over the US dropping like flies, this event has become more of an online deal than an in-store event.  It is a bummer, because Kdays was always a good time to meet other collectors, see some truly indescribable behavior, and grab a few cool models.

Now, the event is essentially learning what the exclusives and possible Super TH will be, as well as what the mail-in is, and determining whether it is worth spending $40 to have a case shipped to you.

It seems that many collectors have determined that this next case, for the September 16th event, is in fact worth it.  The cases went on sale early Sunday, and also sold out early Sunday.  That was quick.  Too quick.  West coasters woke up to find them gone.

But you had to assume there would be more.  And there are.  As of right now, there are cases available:

Hot Wheels 2017 Kmart Collectors Bundle

With two exclusive RX-7 castings, and 2017 Q case models, this is a desirable case.  Some might even pull the last Super TH of the year, the Fairlady Z.

I just ordered mine.  Unboxings coming.

7 Replies to “The Kmart Collector Days Hot Wheels 36-count cases are available online again.”

  1. I just went on and the cases are already sold out again. Those new k-day exclusive car’s and first to market car’s are all awesome. I will be getting all of those this Saturday at the hotwheels k-day event thumbs up.

  2. That red 90’s RX7 is sexy man… always liked the that model car in red. If I can’t pick out a Super this Saturday, at least I want to get both Mazda’s.. and maybe the Mustang as well.

  3. I’m so disappointed that the red RX-7 is a Kmart exclusive! With the scarcity of Kmarts around the country, that model is going to be a bear to track down. Not sure I can justify $40 in ordering a full case just to get my hands on one. They should have made the (in my mind) iconic red version of this car the mainline release and chose something a bit less desirable for the exclusive.

    1. My Kday was rescheduled. I live in North Carolina. I’d be happy to pick one up for you (if I can) and just pay for the car and shipping. I see no reason to make money off of Kmart not being in your area.

  4. I have two red FDs winging their way from California to my little corner of England. Cost me $$ but entirely worth it. There might only ever be a handful in Britain and I might have the only ones in my city. Worth every penny.

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