Lamley Daily: 2010 Matchbox Porsche Panamera

#lamleydaily – August 26, 2017


Model: Matchbox Porsche Panamera

Line: 2010 Mainline New Model

Where to get it: Matchbox Porsche Panamera on eBay

Why it’s in the collection: I have never hated the Panamera like some profess to, but I do understand why it isn’t everyone’s favorite Porsche.  When it was first unveiled it seemed a little awkward.  Since then I have softened to it, and I like it more and more.  But whatever I think, a good Matchbox replica will always make its way into the collection, especially a Porsche.

So the first release, in of all colors, plum, was a must-have.  It’s a stellar model, in a very cool color.  Since it’s release, we have seen a green recolor, a multipack exclusive in light red, and silver.  That’s it.  I have no idea if we see any future releases, so these will suffice.

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  1. Hot Wheels also did a dark gold Panamera in a 5 pack which was a slightly smaller casting than the Matchbox version. I would like to see Matchbox do a version of the new Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo in either metallic grey or sapphire blue, who do we contact?

  2. I don’t think it can hold a candle next to the Cayenne. For one, the Cayenne broke the mold when Porsche unveiled the stepchild because purists didn’t want to see a family vehicle derived from a strictly performance driven brand.
    Little did they know the Cayenne would go on to dominate the SUV market which combined sports car capability, but also daily utility function. Other auto manufactures have since followed their lead or are now trying to play catch up.
    I wonder too if the Panamera isn’t as desirable as the Cayenne, because of the fact that SUV’s have become the one of the best selling vehicle platforms and 4 door sedans aren’t as popular.
    Seems some MBX Cayenne’s releases have become sought after while the Panamera .. not so much.

  3. Matchbox insta posted a vid showing a sneak of the Panamera so I’m guessing (hoping) it’ll show up somewhere in 2018.

  4. I love this casting, and am fortunate to have all four releases. The understated colors are perfect for the car, and the two debut versions especially have really tight and accurate tampo application. I certainly hope this pops up again in the lineup.

    Matchbox, if you’re out there, how about a Panamera Sport Turismo (the wagon version)??? Please?

  5. Yes I have to agree the plum color looks amazing on this car. Certain Matchbox models are absolutely amazing. The level of detail is second to none. And for those who think Hot Wheels are the “fastest”, maybe, yes in a few races they are. But Matchbox has recently been vastly improved. That Mercedes-Benz 6×6 was my 6 lane race king for a bit. The Challenger was also quick. So not only do they look amazing but they run great too. I am all in on Matchbox. Im going to try and get a case each month. Of Matchbox and HW’s. 2017 was awesome but I missed a LOT of cars. 2018 looks better as far as castings so I don’t want to miss out this year too. 65th anniversary its going to be a CRAZY year in diecast.

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