Hot Wheels & Matchbox go Camo vs Camo. Maybe they shouldn’t have.

Walmart gets what Walmart wants.

They like having exclusive series, and they like to have a say in those series.  For example, many of you have been clamoring for a Skyline series similar to the BMW, Camaro, and Porsche assortments Hot Wheels has done for Walmart.  It sounds great, and I would bet there are quite a few folks at Hot Wheels that would love to do it.

And maybe one day it will happen.  But only once Walmart is convinced it would be a good seller.  We collectors all think it will be, but we collectors are an egotistical bunch, and think everything we like will sell.  Walmart has its own way of determining what will sell, and it is probably a tad more scientific than collector methods.  I mean, no one at Walmart has called me to ask.  As if!?!?

Whatever methods used by Walmart, they are convinced that Camouflage series will sell.  That is why we have seen two Camo series from Hot Wheels, and now one from Matchbox.  That is fine.  Not my choice, but fine.

The unfortunate thing, at least for Hot Wheels, is that they were released at the same time.

Who knows all the methods that go into these.  Clearly Hot Wheels producing a TON more than Matchbox.  But when you think of Camo, I think one of the brand’s executions comes more to mind.

Enjoy the video.  Now let me call Walmart about that Skyline series.

9 Replies to “Hot Wheels & Matchbox go Camo vs Camo. Maybe they shouldn’t have.”

  1. I refuse to even call the HW set a camouflage series. Good models, good colors but IT IS NOT a camouflage series.

    1. Normally I’d agree with you, but the ridiculous amount of leftover old HW camouflage says otherwise. Or maybe they just made way too many of them.

  2. I don’t agree that releasing these at the same time was a mistake…the approaches are very different. The Hot Wheels are the “show”, the Matchbox are the “go”. By that I mean the Hot Wheels camo vehicles have camo as a style statement, while the Matchbox have functional camo. Now do I think one is better than the other? Absolutely. Matchbox clearly wins on that front, although I will keep an eye out for the ’83 Silverado.

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