So THIS is the actual VW Golf Country Matchbox is releasing.

Remember the Matchbox VW Golf Country I previewed last week?  Hopefully you do, and based on the reactions from readers, there is a lot of excitement about it upcoming release.

Outside of the excitement, there was one other predominant comment:

“The wheels and color are off.”

Those familiar with the 1990 Golf Country noted its most common color was more aqua green (called Montana Green) than the green used on the Matchbox model, and that the low profile 10-spoke wheels didn’t fit the style as well.

Well you guys were on to something.  Because that green model I previewed last week is no more.  After getting the first samples of the green – one of which was sent to me to preview – Matchbox decided to change the color and wheels to better reflect the real thing.  Hence, here is the VW Golf Country you will see at the store when it is released in Batch J:

IMG_4657 2

To refresh your memory, here it is with the cancelled version:

And to further refresh your memory, here is a photo of the 1990 VW Golf Country, and you can see why the changes were made:


You can see that new color and wheels are better representations of the actual Golf Country.  The tires on the 5-spoke wheels are still more low profile than the real thing, but they do look a lot better than the 10-spokes.

Of course we will be seeing more colors in the future, and probably some new decos, but this replacement is a far better debut for what is bound to be a collector fave.

It is cool to see a little behind the scenes.  Changes like this happen, but we usually don’t see them.  But with things like the wheel change on the Miata last year and this color and wheel change, we get to see the thought process.  We even get to be involved ourselves in some cases.

My guess is most of you will be happy with the change.  I am.  And I know Matchbox is.

Look for this in Batch J, coming this summer.


20 Replies to “So THIS is the actual VW Golf Country Matchbox is releasing.”

  1. I would love it if Matchbox toned down the black plastic trim to be a hair more grey to look like faded plastic on the real car.

  2. Damn… can’t see the front very good……
    I think I want this one just so I can cut the bumper off.

  3. I would love to have them both, I would change the wheels anyway, but with taking it apart, I would detail that grill to look more realistic and grey or charcoal or even just flat black. If you need to be rid of the “ugly” green one, I can take it off your hands. 😉

  4. Jesus, as if I wasn’t already excited for this…

    This looks GREAT. The color is spot on, the rims fit well…excellent decisions all around.

    1. LOL! I’m similar, having gone from “will probably pass” to “definitely maybe”. This just keeps getting better with each successive reveal.

  5. This looks awesome. I hope I can trade for one in the future, as Target doesn’t carry Matchbox. This is exactly the kind of stuff I’m talking about when I complain about there being three Datsun 510’s and three hakosukas!

  6. Also, does this mean a MK2 GTI could be in our future with a different base and interior? It would seem like an obvious two-fer.

  7. Oh come on, can you actually take some decent pictures, there is so much spare space around each model its a waste, if you take nearer pictures, once clicked on you get a far superior view – you have improved everything else, just get the pictures done now.

      1. You dont need to pologise, i like the style – it is just they are set so far back when if they are nearer, you get far more detail…… there has been other comments about the pictures, so i am not the only one.

      2. There is a way to allow you to enlarge the photos. I will try to remember to add it when I post.

  8. I have noticed after your recent site upgrade that I often can’t click the pics to see them full size. So at least in this smaller size, the darker background makes it kind of hard to see.

  9. The GREEN one has been released in Batch J. It’s on Ebay right now! Perhaps we will have 2 versions now!

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