Lamley Daily: 2004 Matchbox Superfast Ferrari 456 GT

#lamleydaily – August 19, 2017


Model: Matchbox Ferrari 456 GT

Line: 2005 Superfast

Where to get it: Matchbox Ferrari 456 GT on ebay

Why it’s in the collection: A Matchbox Ferrari – especially a Matchbox Ferrari produced this century – is a rare sight.  Obviously, with the model license not at Mattel it will be awhile before we see another, and even if it does ever return, it will most likely be Hot Wheels.

So, more than anything, I have this model as a novelty.  Mid-90’s era Ferraris are not something I get particularly excited about, and those 2004/2005 Superfast wheels I REALLY don’t get excited about, but as far as I know this is the last Matchbox Ferrari made.  So it stays in the collection.  Plus, ugly car or not (it isn’t that bad), it’s a nice replica.

This is a ROW release, meaning “Rest of World”.  For the 2005 Superfast line, Matchbox decided to do a US and ROW seat of 75 cars.  The assortments were the same, just the colors different.  So US collectors needed an overseas trading partner and vice versa.  Having two totally different – but totally the same – lines was overkill, and the sets sadly hung.  I don’t remember if this Ferrari was one of those.  I’m happy to have it now.

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  1. I have to STRONGLY object to the use of the word “ugly” when referring to the real 456. In my opinion it was one of the most beautiful cars of the ’90s. Sure, it wasn’t as in-your-face as most Ferraris, but it was understated and elegant. Now, the wheels on this particular model are horrendous, and given the understated styling, yellow is the wrong color for it. I only have one single example of this in my collection (because it’s from well before I started collecting). It’s champagne (much more complimentary color for the car) with full front & rear tampos. The split 5-spoke wheels aren’t the greatest, but they’re better than these Superfast wheels.

    1. Hahahahaha I have mentioned my dislike for 90’s Ferraris many times. Quite a few of you don’t agree. Maybe I will come around.

      1. Yes, come to the light!

        I am glad to see it featured, even if it’s not your most prized possession

  2. While I accept that this casting isn’t perfect and the colour and wheel choice is not the best, I disagree with the 456 being ugly. Personally its one of my favourite Ferraris and while its definitely not as striking as some, its very beautiful and possibly the most underdog Ferrari of all time. And that makes it desirable to a few people.

  3. I think the U.S. 2005 release in red is a bit nicer than the yellow. But the red 1999 ROW is maybe the best (maybe released only in Germany; that’s what I saw on; I think the wheels are better.) And to end on a tangent, the Matchbox 1981 308 GTB (No. 70) is maybe the best Matchbox Ferrari release?

  4. I certainly don’t consider the Ferrari 456GT an ugly car. To the contrary, at the time of its release I considered it quite beautiful. Now this Matchbox release may be questionable. I don’t own this one, but I do have at least a couple of Hot Wheels 456M in red and blue which I much prefer. The blue in particular is much better suited to this car and mimics one of the factory colors quite well.

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