The Lamley Daily: 2012 Hot Wheels ’70 Chevelle SS Wagon Super Treasure Hunt

#lamleydaily – August 18, 2017


Model: Hot Wheels ’70 Chevelle SS Wagon

Line: 2012 Basic Super TH

Where to get it: ’70 Chevelle Wagon on ebay

Why it’s in the collection:  First off, sorry for the massive gaps in the #lamleydaily lately.  I have essentially been taking what amounts to a vacation from the blog of late.  I have some videos and short features to post, but that is about it.  Things should be picking up over the next few days.

Now on to the Wagon.  I have this in the collection because it is a wagon, it is a Super TH, and an emergency vehicle, Hot Wheel-ized for sure, but still very cool.  The gold Real Rider Steelies are particularly nice.  I am a fan of the Chevelle Wagon.  I don’t them all, but so far I have collected those that I want.  This is most surely one.

3 Replies to “The Lamley Daily: 2012 Hot Wheels ’70 Chevelle SS Wagon Super Treasure Hunt”

  1. Awesome 1970 chevelle SS station wagon super treasure hunt you reviewed congrats thumbs up. I have this one in my hotwheels collection also thumbs up.

  2. Station wagons with huge asses will always be welcome in my collection. Unfortunately I never found the TH, but I have the regular version. I gotta say, though, I think the white Hurst version might be my favorite (or the ZAMAC version thereof)

  3. HaHa, it’s so cool to see this. Around the time I got into collecting, my wife, son and I stopped by our local Kmart right after a HW’s K-Day event. We went to look at the remaining box pulls (or leftovers if you will) left on the table. My son at the time, who was 7 yrs old, walked over to show me a HW’s he picked up and I asked him where he found it… it was the ’70 Chevelle SS Wagon Super Treasure Hunt. He knew it was a super because ot the wheels. Those blingin’ wheels.

    It was the 1st STHunt he ever found and at the time, I have yet to get one… he beat me!

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