Surf’s Up! Here comes the first Hot Wheels from the new factory in Indonesia.

It is once in a blue moon that I showcase a Hot Wheels 5-pack.  But the new Surf’s Up 5-pack deserves at least a mention.

Reason #1 it needs to be shown here?  It is a great 5-pack.  Nice theme, simple decos, and nice model choices.  The bottom two models especially grab my attention.

Reason #2 has to do with where these models came from.  Of late Hot Wheels has moved the production of some models from Malaysia to Thailand, and now to Indonesia.  I don’t know much more than that, other than it says “Made in Indonesia” on the base.

I hear it will be mostly exclusive assortments (like those found at Walmart), and sets like this 5-pack.  And so far, at least based on this set, the models look good.  Time will tell.  Malaysia remains the home for basic, but also remains the source of two big problems – stolen models and subpar deco print quality.  We will see how that plays out.

For now, this definitely a pack worth having, with the star being that killer Nova Wagon.


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  1. It is pretty neat when we start getting new factories.. more new things like variations and such end up popping up. Lets hope no castings go “missing” like in years past with other brands moving operations. Cool stuff to see overall.

  2. Thanks for the Head’s up about hotwheels being made in Indonesia and that new surf’s up 5 pack coming out is awesome. I will be on the hunt for this 5 pack thumbs up. And are you gonna still do a blog about me please let me know and you thank you.

  3. Nice to see this made in Indonesia, and they’ve done very well. But the bigger problem in here is the marketing for new case(s). I’m here’s still stuck at case “H” due to import tax problems out there, and you guys about getting the very last case of 2017.. I only can expect.

  4. I like this format of photos much more than what you have been doing in some of the previous showcases where its just a huge bunch of photos that I have to open twice to see (I know I’m nitpicking but its just the sort of thing that really annoys me). Speaking of photos, some more angles of the two Volkswagens would be appreciated!

  5. I’m excited and simultaneously concerned as an Indonesian since scalpers here are just as greedy and underhanded if not even more than the Malaysians. At least with the new factory hopefully it would lessen the release gap here (you’re not gonna believe it but our Matchbox distribution is still stuck in 2015 case!!)

  6. Actually, we’ve already had a few 5 pack releases come out of Indonesia already, so this isn’t the first. The most recent Track Builders and X-Raycers come to mind…love that Nova!

  7. I picked up this set the other day, and the quality is superb. The weird boat thingy is the only throw-away model in this set, which is nice…usually the 5-packs that aren’t specifically dedicated to licensed castings are mostly junk, so it was a nice little surprise to see this one. The Nova is indeed the pick of the bunch, but the Caddy is great as well.

    Shame the Beetle had to lose the metal base…it makes this version (and the version from the VW 5-pack) just look wrong. The loss of the central tailpipe makes it look unfinished, and the heavy-handed roof-rack makes it look top-heavy. Regardless, nice set overall.

  8. I love the set, and I look forward to buying it.

    I think the Indonesia plant site may have a lot to do with cost. Chinese manufacturing is not as cheap as once thought. Back in the 1990s, India was a source of Hot Wheels; I have several. That didn’t last for long, though. Now it’s Malaysia and Thailand.. Vietnam briefly, but that was for the McDonald’s Happy Meal models. So now it’s Indonesia. The question is, for how long and who’s next?

    1. I think another question worth asking is when the price of the models will go up so that the workers can be paid better. The $1 pricing model is unsustainable to say the least- even if not for labor increases, a 10 or 20 cent bump in price would probably allow a lot better features.

  9. Nice to see all of the concern for the labor cost in Asia. I’m going to guess, and that’s all it is, that the total cost of making our favorite 1 buck car is somewhere in the 30 cents range. These babies are made by machines. I think if they paid american wages with the same staffing the cars would go up by less than a dime, because most of the 30 cent cost is the material put into the car, the zamac, the production process, the painting, assembling etc. The other new 5 pack is the Muscle Mania one. Its cool looking. Hey when are you going to do a blog about me?

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