The Lamley Daily: 2017 Hot Wheels ’71 Datsun Bluebird 510 Wagon ?????? Convention Exclusive

#lamleydaily – August 2, 2017


Model: Hot Wheels ’71 Datsun Bluebird 510 Wagon

Line: 2017 Brazil/Mexico Convention Exclusive

Where to get it: Some sellers in Brazil have some, or wait for the Mexico Convention

Why it’s in the collection: If Hot Wheels releases any version of the Datsun Wagon, it goes into the collection.  You can say hype, but I truly love this model.  So when it was announced that the Wagon would serve as the exclusive giveaway model for both the Brazil and Mexico Hot Wheels Conventions, I knew I had to find a way to get one.  I figured they would be given out at the Convention, and plenty would end up for sale.

That is kind of the case, but not really.  The Brazil Convention was cancelled, but the models apparently shipped.  So a third party is handling things.  This one came from an old friend, Doug from T-Hunted.  We may have different approaches to our blogs, but we remain great friends, and Doug was very nice to make sure I got a 510.

So who knows what happens with this thing.  My guess is whoever wants one should be able to get one, at least over time.  I am just happy the 10th 510 release is now in the collection.

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  1. Awesome Brazil/Mexico convention 1971 Datsun bluebird 510 station wagon you got, you open up, and reviewed congrats thumbs up. I like it and I love it thumbs up.

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