Case Report: 2017 Hot Wheels P Case

This peak in the final quarter of the 2017 Hot Wheels year continues with the brand new P Case.  It seems since the M Case Hot Wheels has been rolling out the big guns.

I will let you decide as you check out the contents of this case.  Wheel Collectors got their pallet today, and as always picked a case at random to document.  You can find all the models here:

2017 Hot Wheels Batch P at Wheel Collectors

So here it is, pulled 3-by-3 (click on the photo for a larger view):

Not bad at all, right?  Sure, still a lot of fantasy cars, but some tremendous new additions as well:

No Super in this case – I think it is the Velocita – but there was a Regular TH:


Some great recolors too.  What are the highlights for you?


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  1. Well, that’s all folks. Come August we’ll have 2018, and October the Big List will come up. What do they have in store, I wonder? And what will be the Best of 2017?

  2. Civic and RX-7 are certainly my favorites. Porsche 356 looks good too. Nice to see repeats of the F1 and GT-R.

  3. Those new P Case mainline hotwheels coming out are all awesome. I will be on the hunt for all of those thumbs up.

      1. I was 9 when I bought my first Hot Wheel and that was in 1968. It seems to add.up to 50th Anniversary not 65th.

      2. 65th is Matchbox’s. Hot Wheels’ is 50th anniversary indeed. Trent is correct.

      3. Grown men were playing with toy cars well before HW came to be. It was a little joke.

  4. Really blessed i’ve got a few case P cars here at my place in Malaysia. But sadly, there are a few hot cars that went “missing” here at my regular place where i do buy hot wheels. Really disappointed. But overall, really glad to have a few case P cars.

    1. Ralph I have posted pics for every case this year. “Case Reports” are photo reports, “Unboxings” are video. I have been doing both for a very long time. Use the search bar and you will see.

  5. I like how they released both the Then and Now counterparts of the Civic and RX-7 in the same batch! Love how simple but detailed they are! Just still waiting on N case to show up. It’s been almost a month since the M case hit Walmarts so the N case should be hitting anytime soon, right?

  6. Very very excited for the new RX-7 and the Civic Type R. But beyond that, there are actually a ton of really cool recolors here too! AMG GT, Civic EF, Ford GT. Looking forward to these.

  7. Datsun 620 recolor and Ford GT recolor. The problem with back end loading of desirable models this year is that retailers here in Australia will get the 2018 frenzy A case in early September like 2017 A case in early Sep 2016 leaving August only for the 3 remaining cases that haven’t hit here yet.. M,N and P, they’ll get caught in a cash flow pincer movement – I’ll be more than pleasantly surprised if I’m able to get the F1, GTR, Civic etc off the pegs. Never saw the White Datsun 620 on the pegs and I’m an avid searcher. Pathetic Hot Wheels distribution this year. Just hope 2018 is better, there simply aren’t enough retail players in the Australian market to give the established big box retailers a big kick.

  8. I’m all in on the licensed stuff can keep most of the rest. Hope HWs dose 2018 with the same gusto as MBX is shooting for. I can’t imagine Mattel letting MBX rule the pegs!

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